Friday, November 24, 2006

Me vs. "Radio 4"

I love a bit of Radio 4, me.

I can go all funny listening to the dulcit tones of Charlotte Green. The minx. And the shipping forecast is in my mind pure poetry, and reminds me of home and childhood.

Regular readers will know I'm a bit of a closet fan of The Archers, though I don't often get the chance to listen in.

However. I spotted this opinion poll on the programme's website today:

Last week's vote
Should Adam and Ian "get married" in a civil partnership?
70% said Yes they should
9% said No, because they are not suited long term
21% said No, because the process is inappropriate for same sex couples
Total votes cast: 6680

Now then.

It is a delightful and wonderful thing that 70 per cent of respondees backed Lovely Adam and Lovely Ian all the way down the aisle. Hurrah!

I'm not even too bothered that 21 per cent said that same-sex unions are heinous and abhorrent (I'm reading between the lines here a little).

After all. Radio 4 listeners are radical free-thinkers who may choose to hold certain personal opinions - to which everyone is absolutely entitled - but probably without coming over all Nazi-ish.

Should they bump into the lovely Sandi Toksvig* in the local corner shop for instance, no doubt they would congratulate her on Chairing The News Quiz and make friendly and polite small talk about the weather or the price of orange three-quarter length trousers. Well-bred Radio 4 listeners could doubtless even willingly particpate in debates and discussions on the subject matter while respecting the thoughths of others and without calling down hellfire, dammnation and exhibiting signs of utter physical revulsion**.

But there is something that really, really, yanks my crank about this jollty little survey; why did anyone at Radio 4 decide to put two quotation marks around the words get married. As if two blokes getting married is somehow not a real marriage, like it's all pretend. The sentence reads perfectly well without them. They are totally superflous to requirements and it belies a hint of Daily Mail about the whole thing, if you ask me.

It really "F*&KS ME OFF".

Am I overeacting?

And as for the evil nine per cent who said Adam and Ian are not suited long term. How very dare you.....

* There is talk of bringing back Tiswas. WHATEVER. Number 73 is one of the defining pieces of my childhood and should be reinstated and made compulsory viewing for everyone under th age of 18 immediately. The Toksvig is ACE.

** Raising an eyebrow and making a 'tsk' sound.


Adrian said...

You're right, by jove!

Zefrog said...

Dearest Boz and Co-radio 4 officionado (as you know),

I think you are seeing evil where it is not in this case. I think they decided to use the quotes because, two men can not "get married". "Marriage" is not open to them unfortunately... What we have are Civil Partnership and while every one will soon (and already is) calling it marriage, marriage it is not (quite)...

Further reading (and shameless self promotion!):
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Boz said...

Maybe I am getting a bit hett up over nothing. A fair point Zefrog!

But I still think it's all a bit unnecessary. I wouldn't ever say "joined in holy matrimony" about a couple, unless I was being mean.

Doris said...

I think, if you listen to Radio 4, you have to expect these kinds of infuriating incidents.

Gareth said...

I was ganna say what zefrog has already. Technically they can civically partner, not marry.

Is everything going well with The Archers Gays now then? The last I heard there was an old school friend of one wanting a baby off him, and causing dischord in the existing relationship.

My parents are addicted. One day I imagine I will be too. Perhaps when I have a job and can't watch Neighbours,

Boz said...

Mads broke Ian's heart when she changed her mind about the baby after meeting some new dude. Ian cried and realised how right Adam had been, and how close he had been to losing him.

A nation wept.

Gareth said...

I'm sure that when that happened my Dad would have said something along the lines of "how wonderful that they are back together because I have no objection to two men who love each other being in a committed relationship together". Or perhaps he only shoe-horns in such self-consciously-right-on remarks when I'm about.

Boz said...

A case of TV eating Radio(4)?