Sunday, November 05, 2006

New York City Boy(s)


Manhattan, my friends: it's wicked.

I did keep a few jotted notes from the trip, which I am grateful for now - although not a full blown journal that I usually keep on big new trips. When our lady lately of Peru found out I wasn't taking anything to write notes in, she advised me to take something "Leather bound and lovely". Well. Quite. That could have raised a few eyebrows at customs so I stuck to SimpleClassyPlain notebook from Muji.

As usual I was stupidly early to arrive at LHR. But. Ignoring any mad wittterings that may lie ahead, online checking-in, mi amigos, is the future. Embrace it. It is wise. Pick the seats yourself and yes, we'll have a window view thanks very much!

Spitting in the face of DVT, we had a glass of vino to celebrate the holiday when we got airborne. Yippee!

I'm not going to bore you with a long list of what we did and didn't do. But More or less everyday we kicked off with a few touristy bits and bobs, and then devoted the rest of the day to shopping, browsing, drinking or relaxing. And maybe some dancing.

Our hotel, The Gershwin, was as you can see, pretty cool. Pop art adorned the corridors and rooms, and they were dead helpful. It was perfectly located for exploring the island, on East 27th street, just off Fifth Avenue.

New York city is ace.

We did a few of the tourist biggies - The Empire State Building (VIEWS!), Central Park (TREES!), Times Square (TOO MANY F-ING PEOPLE!), The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (IMMIGRATION!), the UN Building (DIPLOMATS!), the Guggenheim(CULTURE!)) and the stunning Grand Central Station (TRAINS!). But to be honest the best experience is just checking out each of the island's best areas. SoHo, Greenwich Village, Upper East Side, the financial district - all very different but very interesting. It is exactly like the movies.

Every morning we would go and have breakfast on Cafe 28 - I really miss this already.

Enough of my dull rhapsodies. Here are some pictures...

I can't be arsed to upload more - so check out the little FlickR digerywhatsit on the sidebar to see some others!

We did, of course, also spend about fifteen minutes blocking up the sidewalk* and generally making tits of ourselves while we executed exits from Trump Tower, a la The Apprentice USA.

Shopping on the last Sunday was rudely interrupted. Half of Fifth Avenue was closed while Will Smith filmed a bit of his new movie. The cheek of it. Dammit, man. Doesn't he know I have quality jeans to purchase? Hmmm??

The food was excellent. Not least the mouth-wateringly exquisite steaks we had at The Strip House**.

I will definitely be going back to New York City. Didn't even scrape the surface of some of it - The Bronx, Brooklyn etc. One thing I'll say though, the London Underground feels a lot nicer than the NYC subway. But hey - it got us around, so I'm not complaining.

I also got totally hooked on Project Runway while enjoying an afternoon siesta in the hotel. Hah!

They played Breakfast at Tiffany's on the flight back. I nearly cried.

Although knowing that NikeTown is next door takes the shine off it a touch. Would Audrey pop in for a chi-chi pair of Nike Air Max? No. She wouldn't.

And finally, I have to say a massive thank you to one of the bestest traveling companions ever. :-)

* Picking up the lingo, you see.
** Not what it sounds, trust me.


Jim said...

Wow! Sounds like a great trip. I'm going to New York myself next spring, so I will pick up a few tips from this post.

Gareth said...

Gah! Jealous!

Did you see any steam coming from manhole covers?! We didn't and felt incredibly cheated.

Boz said...

Yes! We did! Actual steam from actual manhole covers! It really happens!

All attempts to capture this on film/digital memory card failed miserably, though.

Jim - can you bring us back a picture of the afirmentioned phenomenon when you go...? :-)

Gareth said...

Yes, can you please bring one back?

Manners cost nothing, Boz.

Boz said...

YES! S'true. Frightfully remiss of me. Sorry Jim!


Adrian said...

Sounds fantastic. I am a big fan of online check in too. 4 clicks, a quick stride to the desk, fast bag drop, and you're done. I get very cranky if I ever have to queue to check in now.