Sunday, November 26, 2006


Saturday afternoons

in a Clapham pub with Mark

when it's raining outside

are great.


LaLa said...


Pubs really excite me.

Gareth said...

Ditto. Although the "raining outside" is only a good thing when it stops just before you go to leave. Especially if you've been in their long enough to be falling over. Nobody likes a wet arse.

Old Cheeser said...

Which pub is it, pray?

Ever been to Two Brewers?

Boz said...

Ahhhh the Two Brewers. Sweaty.

The pub is called the Stonhouse. It's NEW!!

Used be a really 'orrible pub called the Windsor Arms, I think. But it has had a full-on Changing Rooms-style 'makeover'.

I would include a link but I can't find a website for it.

Old Cheeser said...

A-ha. Straight or gay place? (I don't want to just hang out in gay pubs, mind, it can get very ghetto-ised ...)

The Two Brewers is indeed sweaty but good cheesey fun. Had a good Saturday night there a few weeks ago.

Boz said...

Well I guess it's a "straight" place. Oh NOO - I'm using quotation marks now!

I'm sure they'll take anyone's cash. Just a normal pub-type-pub. With a fire. And booze. And food. And cocktails.

Old Cheeser said...

A-ha! Well, sounds nice and cosy anyway. A warm hearth and cocktails are an enticing combo.

On an unrelated (yet related) note, a workmate suggested a rather good addition to your Xmas music playlist today - "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses - a rather splendid and unusual song about relationships and yuletide. The group are kind of an indie/ punk-combo with a wry-sounding female vocalist. Give it a go.

Anonymous said...

The website can be found at - a truly fantastic new pub with superb food and cocktails!

Boz said...


Is anyone else detecting the sly arm of Stonhouse management in the last post?

I have no complaints - it is a very good pub. There will be further adventures there, no doubt.