Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back passages (titter ye not)

Londonist is mapping London's alleyways and passages, go here.

I love this bit of code, and the way when you choose one it brings up a picture. V good. I shall be cross-referencing (pauses to push NHS specs back up nose) with this, which I am reading at the moment (when the vicious Christmas elves leave me in peace for five minutes, which hasn't happened much lately. Oh my liver, Oh.):

It's a fascinating read, though a little bit all over the shop in terms of the writing (get me, literary critic extraordinaire). It is furnishing me with lots of 'Did you know's' for impressing people at Christmas parties (pushes up specs again).

We've had a lot of fog around these parts of late. I found myself quite literally whooshing over to Oxford for a work meeting this week, and some of the countryside looked beautiful, emerging slowly from the prevailing fog, with a thick frost layering across it. What has happened to any semblence of sentence structure? Well. Here's a badly taken and almost blurred-to-the-point-of-incomprehension cameraphone picture of ther aforementioned ground conditions, to compliment the imagery.

Do enjoy.

Todays mission: wrapping papper.

What do you mean, I'm leaving it to the last minute..?

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