Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best. Piece. Of. Internet. Ever.

My head hurts. I can't take anymore. No more boozy nights. No more. Enough. No more staggering through Clapham in the early wee hours, clutching our heads/a bottle of JD/the pavement. No more waking up and wondering who I am, where was I and what became of dignity etc. No more dancing to Xanadu. No more losing the ticket to the cloakroom. No more hurling money at McDonalds staff for 'food'.

Liver says no. Please no.

I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness 'party season' is nearly over and we can all make a pretence at sobriety for ten minutes in January. Please. The toilet can't manage much more of this madness...

But! Thanks to stumbling across the marvellous Blue Cat, I have come across the funniest bit of the internet. Ever. It's about that tornado that hit North London (Capital city. Not a lot happens here, you know) and can be found here.

Please, I urge you to read it. But not while drinking anything or trying to get any work done.

Can't form sentences. Laughing too hard. There are so many lines of pure genius in there. What got me were the thick Edwardian walls, which tells you a lot about me, I think.

I demand pictures of Happy the cat.

I am vanishing off to darkest Norfolk for NYE 2006. Best Friend and I had a plan to always spend NYE abroad and on foreign soil. This has lasted now three years. Norfolk is, after all, practically another country.


LaLa said...

Xanadu kicks arse, there is only one way you can improve on ELO and that is by adding ONJ?

Chig said...

Or did you mean the version of Xanadu by Pop!?

Boz said...

Ahhhh Pop. May they rest in pieces... I saw them once. Before I knkew who they were. And then they were gone...