Sunday, December 03, 2006

Frosty Boz Choons

Don't know why I haven't blogged much this week. Not much to say. Which is almost world-first. And it's not like there's nothing going on. Christmas shopping... family stuff... changing jobs a week from tomorrow... (bricking it...)

It's all been A Bit Much.

So instead of a proper post - Drumroll please! As promised, here are the results of my compilaion of a Winter-esque batch of music for my iPod to help me along the way as I bimble around town in a state of mild and disconcerting panic.

Yes, it's...


I'm excited. Are you? Let's begin:

1. The theme from a Box of Delights (which the internet tells me is by Victor Hely-Hutchinson)
2. A Camp - Silent Night
3. RJD2 - Silver Fox
4. Flevans - Smalll Room Syndrome
5. Aim - The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice
6. Goldfrapp - You Never Know
7. Rufus Wainwright - Poses
8. Donna Summer - Winter Melody (c/o Old Cheeser)
9. The Pretenders - 2000 Miles (c/o Doris)
10. Love Unlimited - It May Be Winter Outside (But in my Heart It's Spring) (c/o Old Cheeser again)
11. U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (c/o JulaBerry)
12. Frost - Endless Love (Royksopp remix)
13. Yann Tierson - Comptine d'un autre été - L'après-midi (from the Amelie soundtrack)
14. Saint Etienne - I Was Born On Christmas Day
15. Scissor Sisters - Kiss You Off
16. The Pogues - Fairytale of Old New York (c/o Gareth et al)
17. The Cardigans - Great Divide
18. Barry Adamson - The Big Bamboozle
19. Massive Attack - Two Rocks And A Cup Of Water
20. Sébastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Sven Love & Catalan FC Remix)
21. Quantic - Time Is The Enemy
22. The League of Gentlemen Christmas Special Theme

So there you have it. This is whats filling my ears at the moment. Not exactly Christmassy, but certainly Winterish.

A huge thanks to all those who suggested tracks. Sorry to Old Cheeser - I couldn't bring myself to include The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping, simply because the Spice Girls once covered it.

And I can't find anywhere an electronic version of Tony Robinson's Christmas Wrapping song, which I loved as kid.


LaLa said...

I feel proud and overwhlemed to have contributed to such a fine, fine, list of songs.

Old Cheeser said...

Yes, that goes for me too! Sooo pleased to see my choices made the final list - cheers Boz!! And a pretty interesting and diverse list you've got there too - might have pilfer some of those tracks for myself!!

And sorry to hear that the Spice Girls have tarnished your memory of "Christmas Wrapping" - damn! Had no idea they'd done it. You shouldn't let it put you off!!

Gareth said...

Don't be dissing the Spice Girls, boy.

So glad to see the League of Gents on there. You've reminded me to dig out their Christmas special when I get home. These past few years I haven't felt festive until I've seen the pointed nipples of Frau Lipp.

Doris said...

Well, it knocks Now That's What I Call Christmas 57 into a cocked party hat, so it does.

Boz said...

Thanks chaps/chappesses. Believe me I'm enjoying the playlist.

Betty said...

Good list: well, the bits I've heard, anyway.

Aah, the Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping. That reminds me, the husband used to own a copy of the Christmas Ze album - THEN HE GAVE IT AWAY!! Huh, men.

I feel depressed now.