Saturday, December 16, 2006

It killed the cat!

You curious internetters, you. I won't tell you what I do. Shan't.

Let's just say broadly communications and leave it at that, shall we? Oh the irony. In consolation, I have two things:

THING ONE: This How To on Blogging by the v good guy Browning. And I quote:
" It's never a good idea to blog about your workplace. When you complain about your boss doing nothing at work, you'll soon find the one thing he makes sure he does is read your blog."



I thank you. In a mature and dignified manner.

I think it's the yule spirit. It's getting to me. And we're about to 'do' our tree. YAY!!


Gareth said...

Oh we did ours earlier too. Yesterday we actually had to cut it down. Bloody lazy farmers.

Our blog names aren't weary and cynical enough.

LaLa said...

My blog name is a bit too chipper isn't it? It even has an exclamation point in it.

I reckon you work in online media! This is like charades.

As for that cute overload site, omg, did you see the duck in the diaper? I want one for Christmas.

Old Cheeser said...

Interesting points regarding blogging about work. I have already made several references to my job and being frustrated etc, and even a few remarks about the attitudes of my managers. Maybe the last bit was going too far but I couldn't resist getting it off my chest. However, I draw the line at naming names and haven't named the place where I work. I agree a certain amount of anonymity is necessary.

Boz said...

I agree, Cheeser. BUT. There will be adventures from The New Job up here at some point. Defo.

lala: Select the subcategory of Kittens. It's actually enough to restore any lost faith in the world. I'm sure that site could help solve international conflict.

Old Cheeser said...

Hoorah!! Glad to hear it. Well it's a case of "pruning" really isn't it, I mean you can still write about work ... but you don't have to tell 'em everything ... just the good bits. Such as my post on my work Xmas party. And any resemblance to fellow workers, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.