Sunday, May 21, 2006


Gutted. Gutted. Gutted.

Why? This is why. Yes people. It's Eurovision.

WTF. Damn you, you Finnish gimmick rockers.

Please don't think I was backing our crap Daz's euro-doorstep challenge entry. No no no. My allegience lay firmly with Sweden, and the mighty Carola, who first won the contest sixteen years ago, fact finders.

Having seen her hi NRG power-ballad-and-flags routine in the semi's (thank Christ for these, otherwise the night itself would run on for a week), I was won over. Ye Gods the power bill from the windmachines alone must be a shocker. So last night I donned my blue Sverige t-shirt and rocked on over to the party we were going to, which contanied a hardcore group of Eurovisioners setting up camp in the living room. I even picked Sweden in the random draw sweepstakes. The force was with me. And it was blond.

So I was gutted when Finland swiped it out from under us. Sweden placed fifth in the end. The UK came eighteenth. Hah! But it's always great to hear Terry taking the micky. And quite a lot of respect to Paddy O'Connell too, who the beeb seem to be grooming up for the day when Terry pops his loafers.

The best coverage of the whole debacle seems to be The Schlager Boys. Go check 'em out.

I wonder what Americans, aliens and other peoples outside of Europe make of Eurovision. It's so essentially European, camp and... well.. naff.

Curse you Mark and your comfy footwear for getting me into this. Am still managing to avoid this year's Big Brother since the launch night tho. Hurrah.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

She's here! She's here!

The Nancy Banks-Smith picture has arrived! I'm so chuffed.

She and her wry smile are sitting on our mantle piece until we get a frame, then she'll be heading on to the section of our hall we're currently calling 'The Biddy Wall'. With no offence meant, obviously.

Currently debating who else should head on up there. Suggestions welcome. I thought the signed Blue Peter team picture circa ninety-ninety-something-or-other, but it's a bit creepy now Carol Keating has died. Blue Peter presenters should never die. Or work for Living TV (stand up Yvette Fielding). They should just go on to the big Blue Peter Garden in the sky.

Further evidence of how ace the NBS is can be found here.

All this is meaning nothing to international customers. Move along please.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Of badgers, gems and TV critics

Apologies AGAIN for the lack of posts. I am now in a better 'place'. The sun is shining, the world is still here, and I am walking around with a Pep in my Step and Stride in my Pride (note to self - must stop standing in bitter).

Today I have mostly been trying to obtain a picture of our TeeVee LadyGuru Nancy Banks-Smith from The Grauniad.

Alas they do not appear to answering their phone - but I shall persist.

And The Badger came second in The Apprentice! I think the rest of the internet kind of has this covered (especially Charlie Brooker over at The Grauniad again (why do I love all the TV people? N B-S? Charlie Brooker? Jim Shelly? This says much about my life, perhaps. Am I double parenthesi? Indeed I am)), so I won't go into much detail. Suffice to say well done to the Dewberry, but I feel a bit cheated knowing that they've both been working for Sir Alan Sugar (SAS) for the last six months anyway. Still that's how the world works. It's telly!

...I said I wasn't going to go on about this didn't I? That's right.*

Discovered to my horror yesterday that both workmate and flatmate had not heard of Midget Gems.

"You like midgets...?" asked workmate.

"No! Midget gems! Like little wine gums with serrated edges."

But no. They knew not. I'm sure they'll recognise them when they see them. So for their benefit, here is a picture of some Midget Gems:

So there you are.

* In style of Carol Thatcher

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bits and pieces camera phone is clearly a bit crappy...

...especially when used on drunken nights out...

...but sometimes spots something interesting when I'm out and about...

...and the odd thing that just amuses me.