Saturday, September 23, 2006



I know there is a lot of this kind of stuff on YouTube, but this is really compelling. Noah has taken a picture of himself every day for the passt six years. Watch it. It's amazing. You are watching someone age and change.

My blogging tech skills let me down here - it's worth going to the YouTube link and watching it in the slightly smaller screen size, to get better definition.

Thanks to Elroy's blog for finding this.

That is all.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boz is engrossed in...

Embers by Sándor Márai. S'triffic, since you ask. Very atmospheric.

I did look at Amazon's site and try and dig out the little blog doo-hickey thingummyjig that would mean I could just shove this sorta post into a little thingy thing in the sidebar ( -------> ), but it all got a bit confusing and complicated.

So I gave up.

Look, two posts in a day, what more do you want? Blood? Tears? Intellectual stimulation, accurate spelling and interesting blog posts?? Don't be silly. I rely on elaborate quips and pictures. There be no actual content here. BEGONE DETAILED AND INTERESTING BLOG SEEKER.

Am I getting carried away? Possible. I shall now divert your attention with a short series of mildly amusing alterantive highway signs... stop me if you've had these on an email attachment before... oh you can't... carry on...

Flashback: 1996. I'm wearing black denim. There is probably a bad indie track playing in the background...

I am (once-again) mostly very happy today.

This time it's because of this, this and this.

It's back! For a one-off! The Beeb better not screw this up. Hopefully this is unlikely as it is being put together by the same original team.

So many questions... Are Anna and Miles together? What happened to Egg and Milly? Will there still be ginger plumbers to shag in the shower? Have they finally taken that Portishead album off of the house hifi?? Did Millly ever get out of the bath?!

Okay. So the lives of a bunch of lawyers and hangers-on in a huge shared flat in London should, on paper, sound like a complete TV disaster. Or at worst a bad Friends rip-off But This Life was so flat-out funny, irrevereant and quick to jump hurdles to wedge in a bit of shagging, flirting, infidelity and foreplay among the shared living spaces it was ACE. I really cared about the characters. even when they were royally screwing up their lives or treating each other like shit.

The episode title's alone were fantastic: From Here to Maternity, The Bi Who Came In From The Cold, Apocalypse Wow, One Bedding and a Funeral...


Anyone who wants a goodly catch-up and briefing on this seminal piece of telly box magic should visit here and here.

Warren: What we need is to draw up some ground rules.
Anna: Rule number one - No anorexic bimbo blondes.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Must. Stop. This. Obsession. Okayonemorethen.

From today's Grauniad:

"The florescent ghost of Dame Barbara Cartland loomed large in Reader, I Married Him (BBC 4), a whirl through romantic fiction. Meredith Etherington-Smith - no, honestly - was scathing. "A lot of romantic fiction is extremely badly written. Think about Barbara Cartland lolling around on a sofa in shocking pink with three Pekinese lolling about the place, dictating those things to secretaries. Poor secretaries doing all that Pitman's. Just think about it!" I think about it. In one portrait Dame Barbara is in soulful focus but the Peke on her knee is a blur. It has clearly launched itself straight at the photographer."

We love Nancy. Babs scares us somewhat.

I must be getting old though. I'm finding BBC 4 very... soothing.

Note to self - must clean camera lens...

Avast, me hearties!

T'is the nineteenth day of the month that be called September. The day all land-lubbers must talk like thar foul swash-bucklers of the seven seas!

In other words, International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Find out more at yonder web-palace of wonderous delights, the like of which not even Davey Jones might know of.

Resist it at thy peril, ye bilge-rats!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Look at this!!

I'm all about the visuals this week. Check out the new Tory party logo below:

It's a bit 'local council' isn't it?! Looks like it should be on the side of a waste disposal truck.

Luckily they got the key people 'on message' about this exciting development, hey?

Oh. Whoops.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

NBS: A reminder of genius

Some of you may wonder why hence the brouhaha and obsession with the lady on the left here.

Quite simply, Nancy Banks-Smith is berrr-rilliant.

For the remaining unconvinced (fools), here are a selection of quotes that myself and The Good Mark have culled from her work.

Long live the TV Lady Guru.

“Midsomer Murders (ITV1) is an everyday story of country folk killing each other.”
Monday 4 September 2006

“There are few treats to equal the sight of Brian Sewell in a Rolls being superior about the difficult art of double declutching while kangarooing away with a crash of gears.”
Friday 3 December 2004

“William Shatner, you suspect, has always seen himself as a cheeky chappie, which is why he melded so well with Leonard Nimoy, who could go on as Eeyore without rehearsal.”
Thursday 25 May 2006

“Some say EastEnders has no sense of humour. Yes and no. Mainly no, of course.”
Saturday 1 April 2006

“The staggering thing about last night's Coronation Street (ITV1) was that absinthe was served at Shelley's hen party in the Rovers. This foray into sophistication stunned me.”
Tuesday 20 September 2005

“In Emmerdale (ITV1), Scott is spending the summer in a coma. Which is a bit of a blow to the lad, as he was expecting to spend it in California.”
Saturday 25 June 2005

“The best thing about The Apprentice (BBC2) is, of course, Donald Trump's hair. Does he have the lowest forehead outside the forest primeval where the orang-utan roam? Or does he just comb what is left forward? The one thing a rich man can't buy is a decent head of hair. It's God's little joke.
The next best thing is Trump's penthouse in Trump Tower. "I show this apartment to very few people. Presidents. Kings. They really can't believe what they're seeing." Now, that I can believe. Nero would have winced.”

Tuesday 5 October 2004

The woman is a legend. Check into The Guardian's website to keep up to speed with her pearls of wisdom, say I.

Coming soon: The best bits of Charlie Brooker and Jim Shelley... oo-er....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Of witches and con-artists

I saw these posters side by side at Clapham Common tube station.

Did no one think this through, or is it deliberate..?

Spooky though, hey?

I suppose I should at least have the decency to include the links to London's staging of Wicked and The Alchemist at the National Theatre (which you can see for a tenner. A tenner!).

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bang! Crash! Zap! Kapow! And other jolly japes.

You know, I love arthouse films. International cinema. Films with subtitles. You name it. I'm a member of the glorious NFT on London's South Bank. The last film I went to see was the excellent Volver by the wonderful Almodovar.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

All this is well and good.

But, really, the brand new trailer for the next Bond film looks a bit jolly spiffing.

My. That is a big gun. Rock on, double-O. I think Casino Royale will be a blast.

If a blast is a bit too much, and you fancy more of a 'hoot', John Buchan's The 39 Steps is on at the Tricycle Theatre, away in Kilburn ("They said it was unstageable!" screams the poster).

It's at completely the other end of the spectrum. It carries the same look and feel as Hitchcock's classic first film version, but the stunning four-man (well, three-man and one-woman) cast play it completely for laughs - it's hysteriical. You cannot help but leave the theatre talking in the clipped, received pronunciation tones of 1930's BBC newsreaders. Fabulous. Rumour has it it is transferring to the west-end.

Hadn't been to the Tricycle Theatre before. It's great, and a good 'intimate' size. Although I was met with looks of withering disappointment when I suggested that the theatre, cinema and gallery venue was so-named because it was founded by three menopausal ladies. Oh dear. That isn't very PC is it?

It has been a busy couple of months. This may explain why my bank balance is a bit scary. Eek. Time to reign things in a bit maybe...

Khaki Day

Australians are to wear khaki on Friday in honour of the late Steve Irwin.

When I kick the bucket, let the population wear odd socks...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boz is reading...

And sighing wistfully lots and flitting around the house firing servants and peppering my cravat with eau de cologne....


That's a bit harsh. I'm really enjoying this, and it's very prettily written. But it can be hard to sympathise with someone who has it so easy, and I can't get the modern-day cartoon version from The Guardian Weekend out of my head at the same time.

Woe betide the middle-class massive.


Last night Mark and I happened to catch a repeat of an old episode of that laugh-a-minute comedy fest Spooks.

It was the one where Tiffany from Eastenders was rigged up to a bomb, counting down to explode in a fictional hospital*. Mark pointed out that, trying as the programme was, Ricky Gervais is right - Britain is never going to make anything as flash and wonderful as the mighty Kiefer Sutherland vehicle 24.

For starters, like Spooks, us Brits know that 24 is a far too optimistic timesacale. Even with Anna Chancellor phoning-it-in at the helm, we'd need at the very least a couple of days run-up at anything major. And biscuits. Plenty of biscuits and fag breaks.

Luckily - we don't need to make another 24 in the UK, because we put the world's greatest secret agent on screen years ago - and he's coming back.


He's terrific! He's magnifique! He's the greatest secret agent in the laaaaaand! (As sang Toyah Wilcox in the opening credits.)

Brilliant! Dangermouse was the best, when I was a child, and I for one will be looking forward to seeing him spoil the plans of Baron Von Greenback all over again.

Does Jack Bauer have a flying car? Does he? No. He doesn't.

*This may not be the official programme summary.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Uncontrolled crossing

When I saw this in the middle of Clapham, I almost considered changing the name of this blog. It's brilliant!

Crazy-hectic week at work, but gt a text message from a work colleague on Wenesday, offering Boz a spare FREE ticket to go and see a Scissor Sisters gig being taped for MTV, at this venue.

I love the SS. But, really, it should have been plastic, it should have been sterile, but it was utterly amazing. They totally kicked arse, and some of the new sttuff sounded ace. And they looked utterly shit hot. It was wicked fun.

Happy Birthday Del!

Much fun. And a few sore heads the next morning. Tra-la-laah. Which probably explains why I've got some work at home to do this w/e. Didn't quite get everything done before being out of the office for two weeks.