Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Evil Edna!

Who I see from this shiny Will O The Wisp website has been upgraded to widescreen.


Wow! I've had the NYC pictures done and they are pretty brilliant (for me, anyway. Annie Leibovitz's reputation is quite safe.).

As soon as I bash out a post they'll be with you and FlickR.

This is what is called a teaser campiagn. Do you see.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stop the press! Forget Autumn - Yule has landed.

Service announcement peoples: Hold the phone.

It is Sunday 29 October 3006, and I have just seen my first full-on, properly made for Christmas, Christmas advert on the telly.

It was for Argos.

Bloody Argos. I sincerely hope they won't be making my Christmas wishes true.

I still haven't developed the New York pictures, obviously. I shall do so this week. I'm sure. I am highly organised and efficient and anyone who says otherwise could face a Boz meaningful glare.

If anyone fancies something chuckle-worthy from today's lefty papers, Lucy Mangan is rapidly becoming my favourite wry-take on life funny ha ha columnist. Find out how difficult it is to join a British library here.

It is clear I am not alone on this, and that she gets caught up in insanely long sentences too - yey! It's not just me. Maybe one day I could be being paid for boshing out this prattling witter.

Check out some more of Lucy's stuff over here. I will be.

Um. She isn't paying me, by the way. And I really must stop talking about The Grauniad on this blog.

If reading is far too much like hardwork this Sunday afternoon - the new Justin Timberlake video (watch it here) is very pretty. And a bit naughty (he makes ""a very large hole" in the tights of a nice dancing lady - though it didn't look like she minded very much). Boz is vefry much liking the waistcoat, tie and chunky trainers 'look'. Though strip lighting enoucarges skin cancer I'm told - so it's not all good news is the message here. Oh and the song is alright too. Sortofthing.

That boy can dance! I wish I could move like that. But in my head, my choreographed world is a bit like this, so maybe it's a good thing I can't...

Break out Mrs Harridan's special crumble, Vicar!

Anyway. I don't just like pop music that has a 'face' attached to it. I am pleased to say that a lot of the music I like is put together by people who could pass me in the street without raising so much as a flicker of a shadow of the merest hint of raised oeyebrow. Especiallly as my radio station of choice these days appears to be Chill. I must be getting old.

What a random post this is turning out to be. It'll be Horlicks and slippers next, you mark my words. Shoot me now, before it's too late! Though before you do, can you turn a stylised image of the old Horlickls factory in Slough into a TrendyCool t-shirt design for me? Thanks. Great.

Goodnight children, everywhere.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Everything looks niiiiiice. But if you look twiiiiiiice."

Yes yes yes. Obviously the mandatory post about NYC is on its way, just as soon as I remember to take the buggering films to the developers. I know 35mm isn't exactly 21st century whizzbang shiny HappyNice technology, but no old school film, no Lomo pictures. And we love the Lomo. Oh yes.

Although in a complete modern day style, I don't bother actually getting pictures any more. No - just the digital images on CD* and the negatives in case I want to make enlargements**.

Isn't hummus amazing?***

Anyway. In celebration of being back in LDN, here's something else weirdly brilliantly-brilliant half-inched from plasticbag.org: crank up the speakers and create your own London Underground Experience.

My favourite is number eight - which for some reason always reminds me of the District Line and childhood visits to see my Gran.

Going away is brilliant. Coming back home is good too. Because you can start planning the next trip away.

Damn, Is it too late to wangle in something about normal trains, because the only picture I have is actually from Clapham Junction station and therefore nothing to do with going away or tube sounds....

*Compact Disk, Gran. You remember you saw them on Tomorrows World.
** I reserve the right to still find this word mildly amusing.
*** Very easily distracted at the moment. LOOK! FANNY!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mac Mecca

I am in the Apple store on Fifth Avenue (just near Trump Tower - we shall be practicisng our Apprentice style exits v shortly...). There is so much beautiful and gorgeous technology around I could weep.

We had to fight our way through here - half of Fifth Avenue was closed down for a bit, while they filmed some of a Will Smith movie.

New York. Is. Brilliant.

More when I return to Blighty.

Monday, October 16, 2006

"Gordon, Burn Everything Before The Tories Get Back In!"

Right - way behind the divineMister Coates on this, but everyone's favourite poltical and social conscience has been out and about on the streets of London.

Mark Thomas is holding a series of 'mass lone protests' to highlight the stupidity and ridiculousness of the SOCPA laws.

The first set kicked off on Wednesday 11 October, and had a piece in The Grauniad the following day.

Obviously there is a very serious and, in my mind, highly valid point about civil liberties and freedom of speech being made. But also, some of the more spurious demonstrations made during last Wendesday were, in a word, hilarious, as can be seen by someof the banner titles and explanations from Mr Thomas:

Give MI5 a nameplate!
MI5 has no sign outside of it saying it is MI5, and I am convinced that they are not getting all of their post.

Stop Patricia Hewitt Speaking Like a Patronising Tw*t!
"What are you demonstrating about?" grumbles a rather fierce-looking elderly gent with glasses and a frown that suggests he once worked in a prep school. I hold up the banner."Oh, I quite agree. She's awful," he says before getting on a red omnibus home.

Demonstration to demand Trolls for London Bridges
Stopped by the police, who check permission. Cross the bridge shouting, "We need trolls! We are overrun with goats! These goats coming over here, stealing our jobs, getting the best houses! It wouldn't happen if we had trolls. And I bet they would keep the underside clear of dead Italian bankers, too." I really should get a proper job.

I have to admit I share the view that Mark Thomas is a bit of smug prat sometimes, but I seriously admire the man for standing up and trying to make a differemce about stuff that is going on under the noses of most of us. There is a reason why satire is satire and not slapstick, but that's not to say that satirical comment cannot be extremely funny.

Right. Anyway. I'm off to take Jocasta and Joshua off to Prep school now, before popping of to Waitrose to stock up on extra virgin olive oil. In other words, enough of my middle-class sensibilities.

Am off on holiday on Wednesday - yey! Will try and squeeze in another nonsensical post before then.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Peformance art or a monumental waste of coke

Although, in my opinion, this is by far the best thing to do with Diet Coke.

Monday, October 09, 2006

One reason I do not like Robbie Williams

Maybe I'm innocent. Maybe I'm an idiot. But I feel compelled to bring to the world's attention (all six of you), that the new Robbie Williams single, Lovelight, has already been released by someone else.

You know, I am aware this sort of thing happens all of time. I'm not stupid. I know how the pop world works. It's not like it's even a 'cover' - I mean, no one was bothered that the first Girls Aloud single had been recorded by another group, Orchid, some months previously, were they.

But, dammit, I liked the original version of Lovelight, and now it's being touted by... by... by him.

Should you want to - you can listen to a little bit of the original here. Or you can pop along to the (UK) iTunes store and purchase it for the princely sum of 79p. Go on. You know you want to.

End of minor rantoid.

Go team South.

My legs hurt today. They hurt because yesterday I ran the Nike 10k - Run London. Well. Run Hyde Park, more accurately. On the winning team, as it happens.

I didn't do quite as well as last year, but I'm really chuffed. Life has been a bit too crazy for any training* and I was only four minutes slower - at 1 hour and 45 seconds. Nay bad! Plus, I enjoyed it a lot more this time around. It was a beautiful day for it and it was fun to spot all the orange runners on the way to the Park.

Oh blimey. I sound a bit evangelical, don't I? Shurrup shurrup shurrup.

That's my exercise done for the next six months then. Hooray.**

* Okay, clearly what I really mean is that I'm a lazy arsed layabout.
** I actually mean this. It's cold outside now, thankyouverymuch.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Jane Eyre! Jane Eyre! Jane Eyre and the manic torch(erer)!"

I have a new addiction for Sunday nights.

Suprise suprise, it doesn't involve me venturing out into the ever-darkening wilderness of Clapham. Instead, I am strapping myself into my sofa, brewing up a mug-o-tea*, and sharing time with these two:

Yes. It's only bloody Jane Eyre.

I was v dubious, as the trailers made this look, fwankly**, a bit rubbish. Seriously, like it was set in a residential care home. But I sweep these away with a wave of my pale, sun-deprived arm.

It. Is. Brilliant.

I remember reading the novel when I must have been about 15 or 16. Actually I have no idea how old I was, but I was reading it in the back of my parents car going somewhere, so chances are I was about that bracket. Totally engrossing. No exteriour shot left un-brooded, no costume left un-flapped.

I also love the character of Jane Eyre in Jasper Fforde's fabulous book The Eyre Affair. She gets kidnapped from the pages of the novel itself, and all merry hell ensues. Great fun.

My feelings on Toby Stephens (back to the Sunday night version - keep up would you please) were dubiosity itself, as he was almost laughably as the smirking, snarling Bond vilian in Die Another Day, but he is triffic. Just the right amount of uncontrolled beastliness, doom-laden Master of the Manor affectation, and despairing.... despair.

It is beautifully shot and directed, and as usual with Aunty, sumptious on the old peelers

Not bad for something that is essentially To The Manor Born (but only if you lose the Manor). But without Penelope Keith.

Ohhhh, Penelope Keith. The campaign to have more Penny Keith on the telly box starts HERE. We love Penelope Keith.

The last Jane rounded off a spectacularly, wonderfully lazy weekend. I have been to the cinema not once but TWICE. To see The Queen Wears Prada and The Devil. Or something. Oh you work it out. Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep going head to head anyway and MY MONEY IS ON THE MIRREN. Factoid.

Oh look. I'm rambling. Marvellous. And just to prove I'm hip with the Literary crowd, darlings, don't get me started on Gilbert and Gubar and mad women in the attic in general.

A gold star to the first person to get the inspiration for this post's title.

* A friend told me yesterday she has gone right off tea. I nearly cried.
** Sorry. Barbara Windsor moment there.

Service update

Yes it's high time I wrote another blog post.

No I haven't done one yet.

(Raspberries to you, internet!)