Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pssst! Are you marketing stealthily!?

There's a really interesting read in today's G2 on the rise and use of stealth marketing. Here's a link to the piece, which is penned by Leo Benedictus.

It's a bit cynical, but is a really interesting look at the alternative and innovating ways companies are reaching us media-savvy consumers, such as paying unknown actors to act out enjoyment or involvement with products unbenownest to us (I'm sure that's as old as the hills). And more open and upfront methods - like Evian who restored a swimming pool in Brixton and whacked their logo at the bottom.

I like that last one. Something very positive about that.

A bit more radical are the group who installed special capsules into the taps at the toilets of a venue hosting a whaling conference. When the taps were turned on, the water was stained a deep red, so it looked like blood was gushing from them.

That's just cool.

Of course. The ultimate irony is that by writing this post I suppose I am actually undertaking a piece of ‘stealth marketing’ on behalf of The Guardian*. Oh, the lines, how they blur. But I suppose that is the way the world has always worked:

Proto-anthropoid one: This rock good to piss behind.
Proto-anthropoid two: Okay. Good. I shall pee here. Grunt. I like you. You have shown me good peeing rock.
Art Critic Brian Sewell: Would you be so kind as to pass across several sheets of scented lavatory tissue?

The point is it raises lots of interesting questions about our perceptions of people around us, and we receive signals and information. I'm just too tired to write eloquently about it here. Go and read it. Go on.

Also there's a Q&A with the TripleFabulous Janet McTeer. A truly wonderful actress, who is sub-categorised by Wikipedia under the title 'famous tall women'.

Oh dear.

* And have I just negated or strengthened my message by 'fessing up about it? I'M CONFUSED**.
** Or am I just a postmodernist? Fnah! ***
*** Probably. Or not. But here's a good postmodernist essay generator. Should you be in need of one, Vicar.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tagged: Five Useless Facts About Me

I've been tagged! Hurrah! By Old Cheeser - thanks Cheeser!

I shall now present to the blogosphere Five Useless Facts about Boz (that's me ya numpties):

(...some hard thinking ensues......)

One: I nearly always wear odd socks. Okay. So long-time readers might already know that, but hey, there's no harm in adding it to the list. File this one under 'desperate attempts at individuality SLASH extreme laziness'.

Two: I cried very much at the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth. I was quite young and I think it was the first time I understood that there is a very fine line between comedy and tragedy.

Three: My favourite footwear are Converse Allstars. Ever since my parents bought me my first pair in Brighton, when I was about eleven years old. They were white. I don't think they will ever go out of fashion. They're ace. Currently I have four pairs 'on the go'; one white pair, one denim pair, one brown striped pair (from my sister) and one green pair (half stolen from an ex).

Four: On both sides of my family, not that many generations ago, people have essentially just got up one day, left the house and more or less never come back, vanishing from our genetic tree. In some way this fascinates and inspires me. In other ways, it makes me wonder what dark things they were running away from. Or to, I suppose.

Five: I'm in my late twenties but I still find it almost impossible to pee if there's someone using the urinal next to me. I know I'm not alone on this. but it's just really annoying, more than anything else.

Right then. I'm tagging Gareth, A Lot To Learn and Lala.


"Shenanigans and tomfoolery!"

Question: Can a simple advertising concept translate across continents?

Let's find out kids; Apple have localised their US ads for the UK marketplace.

Here are the US versions – with the funky young chap representing Macs and the nerdy guy for PCs.

Now concentrate – here comes the Britishness.

Yes! It’s UK television's very own Mitchell and Webb!

The UK versions are good. Especially the one with the pie chart. But I am perfectly happy to admit that I'm completely evangelical about Macs, so they are bound to appeal. I shall not apologise.

It’s all very good. Even though they are essentially playing the types of characters they always seem to play. I wonder what the French version would-slash-will look like (sigh).

Coming soon – the iPhone played by... Gael Garcia Bernal; small, clever and pretty to look at.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


A small but significant part of my life has ceased to exist.

"The future has a way of arriving unannounced." (George Will)

Friday, January 26, 2007

The fairy lights are on, the poinsetta is long since dead.

Greetings from under the toilet lid.

I'm totally sulking because not a single - NARY A ONE - of my nominations has made it to the shortlist of the Bloggies. Humph. Well. We'll see about that. I feel a Stewie moment coming on.

World domination shall ensue.

(By the way - that link is not just in passing. It's brilliant!)

So I've been very lame about posting yesterday. Life has been far busier in January than I'm sure it's supposed to. Be. Look at that! I've stopped finishing sentences and everything.

But that isn't to say bad. I've done some great stuff.

Er. I just can't remember any of it right now.

Luckily there are better LDN blogs out there with better pictures. This is a bit of esoteric post, isn't it? So while we're at it. Here's something blissful I found by the wonderful Michel Gondry:

Boz out. For now.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

One day.

One day, Lucifer met a man.

“Hello,” said Lucifer.

“Hello,” said the man. “It’s a nice day, isn’t it?”

“No. It happens to be overcast with rain forecast for later.”

“Oh. So it does.”

“Can I get you anything?”

“Um. As you ask. A nice pair of shoes would be really useful, to help me get around. My feet hurt a bit.”

“Okay." Said Lucifer. "Here is a nice pair of shoesies.”

“Ooo. Lovely. Thank you. They're very comfy. Would you like any…”

“Yes. I shall have your soul for ever and ever, thank you,” interjected Lucifer, feeling rather smug.

“Oh. Okay. I don’t really have a corporal concept of my own mortal soul, so signing this bit off nondescript paper won’t make much difference to me, seemingly. Here you are then.”

Lucifer looked at the man and wilted slightly. It had been a long day at the coal face and he was beginning to think that C. S. Lewis had had the right idea.

“Well then,” he replied. “In that case you shall be plagued by a series of misfortunate occurrences to blight every aspect of your work-a-day life. Everything you do shall turn to ratchet and ruin. You will develop your own self-perpetuating downward spiral of internal guilt, shackled to a brutal sense of existential paranoia about your place in the world and a never ending sequence of self-induced doom. You will deny yourself simple contentment at every opportunity, torturing yourself with futile self-loathing born from events you have no control over and a constant fear you have forgotten or wasted everything good you ever came across. And you shall have semi-insane hair every time you meet someone you think is lovely. And I shall make all the car alarms next to your house go off at half hour intervals throughout each and every night.”

“Ah” said the Man. “That doesn’t sound very nice.”

“Your banal system of existence has no merit for me,” finished Lucifer.

The man thought for a while.

“Would you like a Minstrel?”

“Yes please. I’ll take some of it back then. But not the hair thing.”

“Okay then,” said the man.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Small service announcement

To all the lovely people who have invited me to become a Flickr contact friend thingummy: I have forgotten my Flickr password so am in no such position as to reciprocate.

Apologies. With you shortly.

(Things are getting worse, please send postillions and magic markers)

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: The Lost Days of Clapham (And on, and on, and on)

Following on in a rather splendid fashion from my last post, Excellent Flatmate picked up the weekend papers this afternoon, when we surfaced from unconciousness, There is very little news in them, as the content seem to be split between reviews of 2006 (stuff happened) and previews of 2007 (it’s quite likely more stuff will happen).

I have been reduced to a messy rubble of turmoil and worry by the preview sections. There just isn’t enough time to do everything that’s coming!!

I was like this when I used to subscribe to Time Out (LINK). Every week it would arrive in it’s shiny plastic covering, positively yelling out the delights and cultural treats that can be found in the city. Inevitably, I would just look through it, be too busy-slash-lazy, and end up with a vague feeling of guilt at the end of the week when I hadn’t done anything. Ho hum.

So. Here is a short list of some of the things I am looking forward to over the next twelve months:

Hot Fuzz - have been a fan of this bunch ever since the excellent Spaced.
Ugly Betty - ooo look it's got Ashley Jensen in.
24 - Jack's Back, baby! And we're not talking Barrrowman.
Doctor Who - ...but talking of which...
Stephen Poliakoff stuff - v classy
The Apprentice - "There's no text a number..."
Spiderman 3 - webby!
The Bourne Ultimatum - I'm not a big fan of Mat Damon, but this series is v good in a straightforward and fun kind of way. "Let's break this out into boxes..."
Atonement - though no idea how they will translate McEwan's stunning prose onto the silver screen.
Bobby - for the cast alone, really.
Wii - silly named fun as soon as I can find a console somewhere (and have the money).

Blimey. And that's just cinema, tv and consoles. Add in some decent cultural stuff and this could be an interesting year. Hooray!

I’m not doing resolutions. I gave them up a few years back when I realised they just induced guilt and failure.

I came up with this post while having a pooh. You should know that.

Oh. There haven’t been many pictures in the last couple of posts, have there. BUT. Instead. I have just found the old Ariston advert on YouTube. Which I shall shamelessly steal:

I used to wait for this to come on the TV when I was a kid. Brilliant. There was a version with a bigger scene, panned back slightly, with them all interacting with each other (here, since you ask). I wonder who thought to put it up.

The music is nicked from the ancient Robocop II computer game. FACT.

Here’s one from 1987. Half a million German’s can’t be wrong.

Does anyone else remember that series of washing powder ads (I think) where the woman had flirty chat with her manly voiced washing machine? Thinking on it now – that’s a bit wrong. There’s an advert on now that reminds me a bit of this – where a soothingly toned female (natch – there’s demographics for you) traffic guide satnav thing directs a bloke to a road he can really ‘enjoy’ his car on.


Good grief. I’m wittering on about telly adverts. I’m sure this wasn’t what I had planned for this blog…

Happy New Year!