Monday, January 01, 2007

2007: The Lost Days of Clapham (And on, and on, and on)

Following on in a rather splendid fashion from my last post, Excellent Flatmate picked up the weekend papers this afternoon, when we surfaced from unconciousness, There is very little news in them, as the content seem to be split between reviews of 2006 (stuff happened) and previews of 2007 (it’s quite likely more stuff will happen).

I have been reduced to a messy rubble of turmoil and worry by the preview sections. There just isn’t enough time to do everything that’s coming!!

I was like this when I used to subscribe to Time Out (LINK). Every week it would arrive in it’s shiny plastic covering, positively yelling out the delights and cultural treats that can be found in the city. Inevitably, I would just look through it, be too busy-slash-lazy, and end up with a vague feeling of guilt at the end of the week when I hadn’t done anything. Ho hum.

So. Here is a short list of some of the things I am looking forward to over the next twelve months:

Hot Fuzz - have been a fan of this bunch ever since the excellent Spaced.
Ugly Betty - ooo look it's got Ashley Jensen in.
24 - Jack's Back, baby! And we're not talking Barrrowman.
Doctor Who - ...but talking of which...
Stephen Poliakoff stuff - v classy
The Apprentice - "There's no text a number..."
Spiderman 3 - webby!
The Bourne Ultimatum - I'm not a big fan of Mat Damon, but this series is v good in a straightforward and fun kind of way. "Let's break this out into boxes..."
Atonement - though no idea how they will translate McEwan's stunning prose onto the silver screen.
Bobby - for the cast alone, really.
Wii - silly named fun as soon as I can find a console somewhere (and have the money).

Blimey. And that's just cinema, tv and consoles. Add in some decent cultural stuff and this could be an interesting year. Hooray!

I’m not doing resolutions. I gave them up a few years back when I realised they just induced guilt and failure.

I came up with this post while having a pooh. You should know that.

Oh. There haven’t been many pictures in the last couple of posts, have there. BUT. Instead. I have just found the old Ariston advert on YouTube. Which I shall shamelessly steal:

I used to wait for this to come on the TV when I was a kid. Brilliant. There was a version with a bigger scene, panned back slightly, with them all interacting with each other (here, since you ask). I wonder who thought to put it up.

The music is nicked from the ancient Robocop II computer game. FACT.

Here’s one from 1987. Half a million German’s can’t be wrong.

Does anyone else remember that series of washing powder ads (I think) where the woman had flirty chat with her manly voiced washing machine? Thinking on it now – that’s a bit wrong. There’s an advert on now that reminds me a bit of this – where a soothingly toned female (natch – there’s demographics for you) traffic guide satnav thing directs a bloke to a road he can really ‘enjoy’ his car on.


Good grief. I’m wittering on about telly adverts. I’m sure this wasn’t what I had planned for this blog…

Happy New Year!


LaLa said...

Happy New Year my preshus!

Was it a good pooh?

Lost Boy said...

My nickname at school was 'Ariston', not because I looked like a pile of dirty washing but because I went 'on and on and on and on' etc.

Boz said...

Thank goodnes. I was thinking the Blogosphere had packed up and gone home permenantly.

Lala - Happy New Year to you too!! It was mighty good pooh. I reckon about 3-4 on the Bristol scale, which is as it should be. Time to think of such things, anyway. Which is nice.

Lost boy - There are worse nicknames. I think you got off lightly. And the world is AllNewAndExciting when we're young. We had to talk about it to cogitate it.

Old Cheeser said...

I remember those ads. At the risk of sounding like a perv I rcall liking the bit where the boy in the football kit whips off his shirt to have it washed (even though he looks about 12).

And the second one is an adaptation of that old song by Trio isn't it? Remember "Da Da Da"?

I too am looking forward to Series 3 of Dr Who (naturally) and Ugly Betty (which starts tonight! Yaaay!) I read Atonement quite recently - mmm, the novel is quite slow moving and not exactly "pacey". Although it had a lot of good character moments. I too wonder how they'll turn it into a movie. I can see it getting the Merchant Ivory type treatment, the book has that quality about it.

Hope your new year is shaping up nicely.

Old Cheeser said...

By the way your "Ugly Betty" link seems to take you somewhere entirely different!

Boz said...

Ugly Betty was cool - I shall be continuing to watch. It has more long-term interest than the Devel Wears Prada.

Look at that! Starting the New Year by misdirecting my html links. Oh dear. Looks like business as usual then.

Gareth said...

Of your list I am excited about 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I know that I would be bored of a Wii after an hour.

I like the Ariston ad. The big long massive Toblerones that Woolies sell around Fathers' Day are called Tobleron&on&on&on&on&ons, the rip off merchants. They also make me angry because it's just some normal Toblerones stuck end to end in a special box. Grrr.

Happy New Year! Even though it's nearly next year now.