Friday, January 26, 2007

The fairy lights are on, the poinsetta is long since dead.

Greetings from under the toilet lid.

I'm totally sulking because not a single - NARY A ONE - of my nominations has made it to the shortlist of the Bloggies. Humph. Well. We'll see about that. I feel a Stewie moment coming on.

World domination shall ensue.

(By the way - that link is not just in passing. It's brilliant!)

So I've been very lame about posting yesterday. Life has been far busier in January than I'm sure it's supposed to. Be. Look at that! I've stopped finishing sentences and everything.

But that isn't to say bad. I've done some great stuff.

Er. I just can't remember any of it right now.

Luckily there are better LDN blogs out there with better pictures. This is a bit of esoteric post, isn't it? So while we're at it. Here's something blissful I found by the wonderful Michel Gondry:

Boz out. For now.


LaLa said...

What a peaceful ad, they should make more like that. As for his website, well, it's all in French which I can't speak.

Welcome back, I would have nominated you for a bloggie if I knew they existed before now!

Boz said...

Whoah. That was fast.


Boz said...

Ooo. Another cool Air France advert here!

Foxy French people. Being foxy. And French. In France. Probably.