Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pssst! Are you marketing stealthily!?

There's a really interesting read in today's G2 on the rise and use of stealth marketing. Here's a link to the piece, which is penned by Leo Benedictus.

It's a bit cynical, but is a really interesting look at the alternative and innovating ways companies are reaching us media-savvy consumers, such as paying unknown actors to act out enjoyment or involvement with products unbenownest to us (I'm sure that's as old as the hills). And more open and upfront methods - like Evian who restored a swimming pool in Brixton and whacked their logo at the bottom.

I like that last one. Something very positive about that.

A bit more radical are the group who installed special capsules into the taps at the toilets of a venue hosting a whaling conference. When the taps were turned on, the water was stained a deep red, so it looked like blood was gushing from them.

That's just cool.

Of course. The ultimate irony is that by writing this post I suppose I am actually undertaking a piece of ‘stealth marketing’ on behalf of The Guardian*. Oh, the lines, how they blur. But I suppose that is the way the world has always worked:

Proto-anthropoid one: This rock good to piss behind.
Proto-anthropoid two: Okay. Good. I shall pee here. Grunt. I like you. You have shown me good peeing rock.
Art Critic Brian Sewell: Would you be so kind as to pass across several sheets of scented lavatory tissue?

The point is it raises lots of interesting questions about our perceptions of people around us, and we receive signals and information. I'm just too tired to write eloquently about it here. Go and read it. Go on.

Also there's a Q&A with the TripleFabulous Janet McTeer. A truly wonderful actress, who is sub-categorised by Wikipedia under the title 'famous tall women'.

Oh dear.

* And have I just negated or strengthened my message by 'fessing up about it? I'M CONFUSED**.
** Or am I just a postmodernist? Fnah! ***
*** Probably. Or not. But here's a good postmodernist essay generator. Should you be in need of one, Vicar.


LaLa said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed that article, thank you Bozworth.

Gareth said...

I read that article yesterday (I'm a bit addicted to Media Guardian). I'm never going to trust a stranger ever again.

Boz said...

Lala - you are lovely!

Gareth - I think they;re okay up unti the point they offer you sweets or invite you to look at their puppies.

Gareth said...

Gah! I love sweets and puppies.