Monday, January 29, 2007

"Shenanigans and tomfoolery!"

Question: Can a simple advertising concept translate across continents?

Let's find out kids; Apple have localised their US ads for the UK marketplace.

Here are the US versions – with the funky young chap representing Macs and the nerdy guy for PCs.

Now concentrate – here comes the Britishness.

Yes! It’s UK television's very own Mitchell and Webb!

The UK versions are good. Especially the one with the pie chart. But I am perfectly happy to admit that I'm completely evangelical about Macs, so they are bound to appeal. I shall not apologise.

It’s all very good. Even though they are essentially playing the types of characters they always seem to play. I wonder what the French version would-slash-will look like (sigh).

Coming soon – the iPhone played by... Gael Garcia Bernal; small, clever and pretty to look at.


rhino75 said...

gotta get me an iGael!!

Gareth said...

Their funky young chap is much funkier and younger than ours, so the America version makes the point better I feel.

LaLa said...

Just goes to show how Americanised (if there is such a word) Australia is becoming. We have the American ads.

I find them quite funny though.