Monday, January 29, 2007

Tagged: Five Useless Facts About Me

I've been tagged! Hurrah! By Old Cheeser - thanks Cheeser!

I shall now present to the blogosphere Five Useless Facts about Boz (that's me ya numpties):

(...some hard thinking ensues......)

One: I nearly always wear odd socks. Okay. So long-time readers might already know that, but hey, there's no harm in adding it to the list. File this one under 'desperate attempts at individuality SLASH extreme laziness'.

Two: I cried very much at the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth. I was quite young and I think it was the first time I understood that there is a very fine line between comedy and tragedy.

Three: My favourite footwear are Converse Allstars. Ever since my parents bought me my first pair in Brighton, when I was about eleven years old. They were white. I don't think they will ever go out of fashion. They're ace. Currently I have four pairs 'on the go'; one white pair, one denim pair, one brown striped pair (from my sister) and one green pair (half stolen from an ex).

Four: On both sides of my family, not that many generations ago, people have essentially just got up one day, left the house and more or less never come back, vanishing from our genetic tree. In some way this fascinates and inspires me. In other ways, it makes me wonder what dark things they were running away from. Or to, I suppose.

Five: I'm in my late twenties but I still find it almost impossible to pee if there's someone using the urinal next to me. I know I'm not alone on this. but it's just really annoying, more than anything else.

Right then. I'm tagging Gareth, A Lot To Learn and Lala.



Gareth said...

I shall accept yor challenge,squire.

Old Cheeser said...

Well done, Boz! A slightly slow response but I see you've been off the blogging radar for a while so I'll let you off (No doubt you've had better stuff to do than sit in front of a computer all the time - not like some people!)

Liked all your responses!

1. I think that's quite a mean feat. I take it you don't work in a job where matching socks matter. Mind you, thinking about it, not many jobs do hinge on wearing the right socks. Although a board meeting could be terribly embarrassing if you were wearing one polka dot sock and one stripey one. A real dressing faux pas as they say.

2. I remember that episode - it was sad! They all died on the battlefield didn't they? Sob!

3. Those are cool trainers and as you say they don't ever seem to go out of style. Actually my husband owns a pair. And the current Dr Who wears them too. Therefore they are extremely hip.

4. That all sounds very dramatic and soap opera-ish. Families eh?

5. I know what you mean about the urinal thing. You have to relax when you pee and it can sometimes feel a bit...tense...when someone is standing next to you. I have the same problem some times.

Boz said...

I am absolutely and all about polkas mixed with stripes.

The question is - stripes on the left or the right..?

Gareth said...

Also, you're more likely to have to stand in pee at a urinal, which is rank.

I try not to use them for that reason, and because last year some perve (with a girlfriend!) rather obviously started staring at my "percy" (as my Gran wold say).

Boz said...

Gareth - why does your Gran have a pet name for your JohnThomas??

LaLa said...

Ok, if you end up with 2 comments it's stupid Bloggers fault!

I did not realise I had been tagged, wuch was the sped at which you have been posting over the past couple of days, will get on to this over the next couple of days!

My nephew calls his willy "nippernoodle", no idea why, but he is 4 so he gets away with it.

LaLa said...