Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Last night I went with Mark and Lady Donna to Microbar, at the top of Lavender Hill. I've been wanting to see what this bar was like for ages, and I wasn't disappointed. To find somewhere in Clapham you can get a comfy seat in at 9pm on a Friday night is no small task. And there was the added bonus that the music wasn't screamingly loud and OH MY GOD I'M GETTING OLD.

Ahhhh and the beer. The selection was magnificent! I was drinking something called Liberty ale by the pint. I picked it because I liked the name and I panicked at the bar. After the second pint I dispatched Donna to the bar to find out why I was feeling so drunk. It was 6%.

So this has necessitated (opens Word, check spelling, closes word) a very quiet saturday...

Jog on!


Doris said...

Picking up on the pictorial over the textual - I LOVE Hattie Jacques!

(Goes back to wine bottle)

Boz said...


LaLa said...

(Pausing between swigs on my wine bottle) Who is this Hatty Jack?

Boz said...

It would help if I had spelt her name right in the tag, but Wikipedia is your friend here.

She is marvellous. We may have covered that.

Boz said...

I have now adjusted the spelling on the tag. Because I'm a bit of a loser like that. And marvellous.


LaLa said...

Oh heeeerrrr!

Yes. Fabulous. So is you and stuff.

Carry On Bozzie.