Thursday, February 01, 2007

What. The. Hell.

Oh, lovely Mister Gillepsie Sells - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??

This from The Guardian on Microshit's launch of Vista:
"But as a launch, it was not without feeling. Specifically, it included a cameo performance by Dan Gillespie Sells, lead singer with those local purveyors of civilised pop, The Feeling. He picked up his guitar and sang to illustrate Vista's musical features - the ones from the old Media Center version of Windows - and as a taster for the whole band's free performance on the plaza outside the library."

Noooooo! Say nay to the evil, all-conquering Gates shilling!! Oh! Oh! And Thrice Oh! Macs are love-er-lee.

WELL. I'm not one to spread malicious gossip or anything, because I was brought up proper.

HOWEVER. If I were to just happen to recount that while I was out a-disco-dancing in this fair capital city I MAY HAVE seen a certain indie SOMEONE shaking their groove thing to Aqua's Barbie Girl, and singing along like they were having a LOT OF FUN then that would be ENTIRELY by coincidence AND IN NO WAY related to my above slight disappointment.

Hah. Indies chic band not looking quite so stylish now, are they? Hmm? HMM?

And yes. Er. I may also have been, uh, kind of, singing along too. And maybe dancing. Rather excitedly. Fuckitfuckitfuckit.

And actually, Twelve Stops And Home is still a rather splendid slice of guitar-based popular music. Dammit. And Mister Gillespie Sells is very smart, in the middle of the picture there, with his mild yellow blazer with terribly dashing black piping....

And The Feeling are really rather cool, if not exactly cutting edge*.

Look, okay, there are more people more erractic than me on the internets. For instance, as flagged up byDelrico Bandito, those who have enough time to remove the Garfield thought bubbles from Jim Davis cartoon strips. See here.

Brilliant! As DJ Del points out, they turn into just a depressed, rather lonely man talking to his cat. Alone.


I'm a bit shouty today.

* Bends legs at the knees a la Daisy Steiner.


Doris said...

That entire Twelve Stops and Home album is insanely catchy. Only takes one listen and you can sing along to all the tracks.

Oh, and I like erratic.

LaLa said...


Barbie Girl is an excellent song btw.

LaLa said...


Barbie Girl is an excellent song btw.

Boz said...

Help. I think I;m seeing double! Lalalala.

So true Doris - it is absurdly catchy.

Gareth said...

I like The Feeling. They're not ashamed to be poptacular and nicely dressed. Therefore I doubt you could shame him with the Barbie girl activities, but it'd make a more-interesting-than-usual "Spotted!" in one of the gossip columns. Normally it's just Lisa Scott-Lee in Starbucks, and we all know that she phones in with that herself.

Boz said...

Yes, being well dressed definitely is something I look for in my popstars. You are famous. There will be cameras about. Please adopt a mode of fashion for public appearances that reflects a certain degree of effort. We're paying. Make a bit of effort, for crying out loud.