Monday, March 12, 2007

Adventures in gym land - I may be about to get slightly melodramatic and hysterical

I did something very grown up last week. I got a pension.

Now before you get all ooooooOOO! up in my face, this was as easy as saying 'Yes thank you I'd like to do that please' to the God Of All Finance*. And voila. T'is done, because HE IS AMAZING. I did not have to do anything complicated like fill in a form or anything.

The problem then came when what to do with my added extra benefit (because my work are quite shiny like that, bless them). I got to choose between a pension top-up (sensible free money!), gym membership (the vanity option!) and healthcare (sensible but not the NHS which is free!).

I'm not good with choice. I panicked and picked the gym membership because all the people going in and out of the local gym look so... perky.

Oh crap.

I joined a gym once before some years ago. I got bored and gave up after six months. But now I live so close to work I can go whole weeks without using some quite major muscle groups in my body. I thought it might be a good idea.

Pants pants pants. For instance:

And I wonder why perhaps I might feel a little bit physically inadaquate. I nearly vomited in the underwear section in Selfridges at the weekend. BAH.

Argh. I'm going to have intimidating things like inductions and such from people who are cheery and enthusiastic. Oh lummy. Well if I'm going to have to do such things in the name of 21st century living then you're bloody well going to have to read about it. Ppppppprrrphpht!

So after all that decision making type drama, what I needed quite a lot was a nice cup of tea and a sit down. Hadn't been over to Nicey and Wifey's site for a while. Oooooo it's still lovely. And biscuity. Mmmmm. Nice.

* Worship him with expense receipt offerings! Behold the mighty timesheet system! Bow down before the monthly invoicing!**

** I'm not taking the piss. Honestly. If one or two of the rest of us gets hit by a bus tomorrow, the company will muddle through without too much of a drama. If The God Of All Finance gets a fatal papercut we're all up shit creek without so much as a pair of knitting needles and we won't even get paid.


rhino75 said...

well, it was Hobson's choice, though, wasn't it? It was the only one that seemed like a present! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets anxious in the underwear department though (so to speak)...

LaLa said...

Ooh. What a lovely site... lovely, makes me want to eat biscuits... a lot. Just stuff like 3 in my mouth and slam them down with some coffee...

I think I got a sugar rush just thinking about that.

Anyway, as for the gym, that's just silly. You are HOTT already.