Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Loving the Blookers

Genius idea, really.

I love the Blookers.

It’s just wonderfully creative. Let’s rip down all the walls and publishing house rules, and just get on with being a bit interesting and creative, shall we?
Who cares if it’s not a Waterstones best seller?
Who cares if no one decided to back it because it did not have multi-demographic appeal in a sub-market that’s So Hot Right Now?*
Who cares if no one else likes a book about the history of paperclips? If but one single person does – hurrah! Free choice! No limits to people’s mad and wonderful creativity! Hurrah the technology revolution making all this possible!

Oh look, am being slightly evangelical. And even a shade hysterical.

However, I shall take a nail gun** to anyone who poses a threat to Beloved Hatchards. Obviously.

* Henceforth abbreviated to SHRN. Someone else on t’internets must have thought of this already, but dammit I’m claiming it anyway.
** Not really, you sillys. Wouldn’t want to get done for inciting violence AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA***
*** :-|

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