Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"I'm not Fergie-Ferg, I won't love you long time..."

...however I have just deconstructed the two foldy-uppy-outy-hangery clothes thingummys that have been in the kitchen for months, and discovered that the room is twice as big as I thought.

This matters because I spend a considerable amount of time dancing around it while cooking/washing up/undertaking kung fu laundry.

I pretend no one can see me through the window. Because then I would have been acting like a numpty for about a year. And that would make me a bit sad.

Don't ask about my London Bridge...


LaLa said...

Ha. I spent a WHOLE day when we moved into our new house in London perving on the guy next door through our kitchen window only to realise it was a big poster.

Minge said...

Tell us about your London Bridge.

Boz said...

The rash has gone thanks to tghe cream, but the brickwork still needs repointing, thank you for asking Minge.

Lala - that's hilarious. Move back here immediately, please.