Sunday, May 06, 2007

...and we're back in the room.

Yes. I know. Bad Boz. I went away, but now I'm back back BACK.

Apologies for the lack of anything intersting up here - what's new, I hear you cry! Truth is there's just been a bit too much happening lately, and I can't see the wood for the carparks. Several looming deadlines at have combined with one of my LEAST favourite activities EVER; am currently mired in the misery of flathunting as our lovely landlord (he really is lovely*) is selling the flat.

I hate flathunting. I hate it. Ever since Uni when i was woken up by a phone call to say the house we were moving into had fallen through - in the case of the ceiling almost literally - I have this nerve-quaking fear of being homeless. Which is ridiculous - I have plenty of mates who would offer Boz a sofa and a bottle of wine at a moments notice. I suppose I'm just a bit obsessive about having somewhere to lay my hat. Or Hennes flat cap.


Too much coffee this morning, Vicar.

AND we had to put up with a typical estate agent penis** from hateful Foxtons coming round*** and telling us how much our rented flat was allegedly worth. I nearly cried. I will never ever ever be able to afford a place of my own. Ever.

ANYWAY. The point is I have had little time to do anything other than check in to some of my favourite blogs and drop the odd pithy, pointless, smug and badly spelt comments. In doing so, I notice I've been tagged by the delightful Cheeser. Fun ahoy. Hold on to your hairnets, and here we go.****

THE (current) TOP TEN FILMS OF THE BLOGGER BOZ (that's me)

Orphée - because it's French and fantastical and lyrical and wonderful.

Clue - because at heart I'm a bit daft and Madeline Kahn is much missed.

X Men 2 - because with the bangs and the noises and the shiny spesh effects and the flying and the mutations as social metaphors and the shinyness and the wheeee.

Oldboy - because it's beautiful. Violent, but beautiful.

The Royal Tenenbaums - because Wes Anderson is a bit of genius.

Orlando - because... I just do. It's what markleting executives call 'quirky'. Me and Virginia Woolf just think it's interesting, and not necessarily very serious.

Out of Sight - because I think it's quite sexy, and again not too serious.

The 39 Steps (The Hitchcock version) - because it's thrilling! And men were gentlemen who fried fish while still wearing their mac and smoking... we shall not see these days again.

Brief Encounter - because the very small can be the very huge. I need to get over this 40's thing though, don't I?

2001: A Space Odyssey - because it reminds me of my family. By association. Not because they are a bunch of chimps. At all.

And the Boz Bonus Film: Blow Up - because it's GroovyCool and far out man!

So there you then. That's my in DVD case. The truth is I can't possibly get it down to ten - but that should give you a flavour of the flickering behind my eyes.

DVD Commentary track onwards!

* Right up until the moment he doesn't give our deposit back.
** I am old and cranky enough now to admit to certain prejudices. Estate agents are one of them. I am continually delighted by letting agents though, who are almost universally lovely. And anyway - I am not alone in my vitriol.
*** I remembered just in time to pull down the two 'torsos of the week' from Heat magazine off the kitchen pinboard. Aha.
**** Again with the coffee.


LaLa said...

Welcome back friend!

I am desperately trying to remember the name of our estate agents in East Acton.

I know his name was Gary and we blamed everything on "fucking Gary".

I never, ever thought I could afford to buy in Sydney (think it's in the top ten most exxy cities, along with London of course) and yet here I am. The proud owner of a lot of debt!

Good luck with the house-hunting!

james henry said...

Orlando and Clue also in my top ten films ever.

Estate agents are all bastards.

Betty said...

Best of luck with the hateful flathunting.

I've always had a dislike of the Time Out Film Guide just because of the caustic review of Brief Encounter, in which it's criticised because it's supposed to have outdated notions of morality for the 1940's. Well, so what??

Boz said...

Thanks chaps and chapesses!

Yeah too right, Betty. So what!? The sillies. Time Out can definitely take itself a bit too seriously sometimes.

Old Cheeser said...

Hey Boz,

Thanks for rising to my challenge and posting your fave movie raves!

Interesting choice of movies!! I haven't seen some of them - "Orphee", "Oldboy" for instance. Might have to check some of these out!

"Clue" is very silly and funny. I might have to get that one out again. My favourite line was the bit when one of the female characters asks the way to the toilet and the French maid says: "Down the corridor and turn right, madam - oui oui". To which the other woman says: "No, I just want to powder my nose". (!!)

I found "Royal Tenenbaums" a bit too quirky for its own good but it wasn't without its merits.

"Orlando" - haven't seen that one for years! Had Jimmy Somerville as a singing fairy at the end didn't it?

"Brief Encounter" - it's on my own list and I love it!! I agree with your comment. Nothing wrong with 1940s movies - look at those classic Bette Davis and Joan Crawford b+w flicks for instance!

"2001" - HAL freaked me out as did the black slab thing that keeps appearing. And the bit when David thingy gets old at the end.

"Blow-up" - groovesome indeed! But they never did find out if there was a real murder or not did they?

Well done! And good luck with your flat hunting, wishing you all the best...

Hedgie said...

Commiserations, and Good Luck! I hope you stay in the neighbourhood. The property market is bound to collapse sooner or later - save your money and buy then!

Filmwise, I love Orlando too - book and flm.