Saturday, June 30, 2007

Obviously, this is all a very serious business indeed - if not one that London has ever been a stranger too.

But that's not to say there isn't anything delicious to be found; I love the fact that there is more than a bit of idiosyncratic Britishness about all this. And I quote:

"The second car, containing similar lethal materials, was given a parking ticket at 2.30am before being towed to a car park in Park Lane, central London"

I love the fact that the highly lethal exploding car was given a parking ticket and towed away. Thank buggery whichever brand of terrorist it was can't parallel park. Traffic wardens could be our best front line defence. Put two-fifths of an inch of tyre out of place in this town and they'll be a ticket on your windscreen faster than those scary angel things in the Doctor Who episode Blink*.

Not that I can drive.

Anyway - the real reason behind the imminent threat is much more reasonable. Oh those artistic types.

* Talking of which, saw a genuinely v creepy episode of The Avengers late last night called The Joker. We was well shitted up at one stage, let me tell you...


Old Cheeser said...

Sounds like a job for Wonder Woman. Perhaps you could, Boz?

Did you enjoy "Blink"?

Boz said...

Blink scared the mojitos out of me. It was really good! More Sally Sparrow, please BBC and Russell T.

Old Cheeser said...

Yus I agree, one of the best stories of last season and certainly better than the rather pants finale episode.

Sally Sparrow would make an excellent companion. Of course that ain't going to happen. I assume you've heard the latest about the return of a certain Ms Tate....