Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Ta daaa."

Right then.

So I may have missed the two year annniversary of this blog last Thursday. Pants.

That's okay, you say, because you'll have something 'mazing up your sleeve, Boz, because this is also your 250th post. You wouldn't miss a double-whammy opportunity to pull something SuperSpesh out of the hat and wow us, would you?

Ahh. Bugger....

Well. Here's a mildly amusing piece of graffiti instead then.

I know, I know, I know... Boz is SuperLame. The plan was to take loads of pictures to mark the double party-type events and do a nice post with baloons and some cake (because everyone likes cake. Especially Boz.). But then that got a bit complicated - and The Move has been long, tedious and tiring. Luckily it's now OVER and we're doing stuff like moving bits of crap around to see what it looks like there, or on the mantlepiece, or on the table, or in the loft. Mostly in the loft.

The second plan was to then mark the anniversary with a picture of me. But then I thought, who actually wants to see a picture of me? Surely if this blog is still getting any kind of trafic (taps microphone. 'hullloooo...?'. Tumbleweed.) then surely they would appreciate some regular, better written and interesting regular posts.

Which lets face it loves, would be a first. Alas, like wot I have just done next door, this is anniversary number two.

(Hastily points out the room next door is in fact the bathroom.)

So now that the routine I've been beginning to crave is settling back in, I can hopefully get round to posting a bit more. I've developed an addiciton to Facecrack, I mean, Facebook though which is stealing a lot of time. A LOT.

To appease you I now give you something lovely. Or rather, what happens when you Google image search for 'something lovely'.

It's from here. No. I don't understand either.


LaLa said...

Well, I for one am bloody glad you are back. Facecrack is good and all, but other peoples blogs are much more fascinating.

Did you see my invitation to be my friend on Facebook? Please be my friend or email me so I can be your friend.

Do I sound as desperate as I feel? x

rhino75 said...

I'm glad someone else is addicted to Facebook. I know there's no point to it but I can "lose" several hours at a time poking and adding/deleting applications. Recently added Catbook. Somebody stop me...

Boz said...

And actually, looking at that singn - it makes no sense: Does it mean No parking... or no parking vehicles will be removed. See - THE WORLD NEEDS SEMI-COLONS.

Hedgie said...

Congratulations on your bloggerversary! I missed mine, too.

Boz said...

Lala - you are never desperate. ;-)

Rhino - is there some kind of substiute we can wean ourselves off with - it's like top trumps but with real people.

Hedgie - I am rubbish - but from your blog it sounds like you had more important things going on! :-o