Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Five billion years... AND COUNTING!

Well. Here’s a jolly 'to-do'.

Having just watched the latest Die Hard film (Explosions? Tick. Silly superbad guys? Tick. John MacLane musings on being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Tick. But disturbingly, long conversations during car journeys that take several hours? Also a tick. Hmm.) it’s quite interesting to think about what might happen when this all goes ‘tits up’ and mankind exits the planet stage left. Pursued by a bear.

James and his blue cat have pointed out this really cool timeline of what will happen if all the human bods vanish from New York city.

As per the Doctor Who season three finale – I love a good countdown, me. Half the battle in any drama I suppose – get a clock ticking. I love a nice big clock.*

Can’t help thinking they have missd a few crucial milestones though.

How long will the Statue of Liberty take to rust?
How long before the state is technically in another state?
How long until someone stumbles out of a underground gay club off their tits wondering if its just club ears making everything so quiet?
And when do the Daleks come to claim the earth?

*I have been using this lame joke for at least five years now and it must stop. Right here. Right now.

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