Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thread Revolution

Dress down Friday is dead. Long live dress down Friday!

The Management have declared that we can wear what we like to the office, so long as we have emergency kit to go to meetings etc. easily to hand. (They have good reason to be trying to engender a bit of positive atmosphere at the moment bless their dear littl hearts.)

This is good news for many reasons, one of which is that I was beginning to push it slightly with my clothes, largely along the lines of 'well if the ladies can get away the somethinng like this then why can’t I...'* Of course they’ll still have it easier for Big Serious Grown-Up meetings; I don’t care what you say but....

So what to wear?! I was thinking this:

Or this:

Although I’d quite like to go all-out and rock up in this just to see what would happen:

Whhhhheeeeeeeeee. You're a wonder, Wonder Woma-aaaan!

Hmmm. I would imagine the rules would be tightened up again pretty damn toot suite, 'Koim'. But being able to relax a bit at work is ace. It has improved the quality of my life considerably now that I don;t have to iron a shirt first thing on a Monday morning - always an arduous chore. Because after all. Feeling happier in the office makes us...

* I do mean like, you know, casual trousers. Not fishnets.


LaLa said...

I was rather hoping you go as the banana, you could keep your emergency kit in the spare room.

BTW, why are you carrying an emergency kit? Am I correct in thinking it has something to do with last weeks attempted bombings?

Betty said...

Hmm, the Wonderwoman outfit looks like the most practical option, although the micro shorts might cause a bit of eye watering and would take a bit of getting used to.

If you have relaxed dress codes at work these days, it's a sign you've arrived. In fact, the higher you go up the job ladder, the more likely you are to look as if you've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Old Cheeser said...

Good to have you back with us Boz -after your period of absence! Been busy?

Mmm I agree that the Wonder Woman outfit would be a pretty ... wonderful ... option, as they say. Although personally I think you should dress as Diana Prince, in sensible suit, glasses and a hair in a bun. Then when you feel suitably inspired, simply remove aforementioned specs, spin round and....hey presto! Instant transformation and fabulousness.

It's NICE to have a relaxed dress code at work. I've never been much of a suit person myself.

Boz said...

So the WW outfit has the votes. Hmmm. I worry for the world sometimes, I really do.

Lala - the emergency is only for smart client meetings. We have tose every now and again. I would be ill-equipped in a real emergency. I'm not even first aid trained.

Betty - Unfortunately our CEO is imaculately turned-out. But I don't think I want children anyway. Er... that reads weirdly.. the two things are definitely not related.

Cheeser - that's definitely an idea. Now that we have day-to-day relaxed dress code we should really push for Fancy Dress Fridays. That would be FUN... I would break out my Tom Baker scarf in a second....

Geoff said...

I was relaxed today until I discovered I'd forgotten to put on my belt and my trousers are still being held up by my gut.

I'm all for casual attire!

Old Cheeser said...

Yesssss!! Whip out that scarf NOW, Bozzer boy!!

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