Sunday, July 15, 2007

"What we have here is a 70 year old woman singing about rushing on ecstasy."

Having already talkied about this on this blog some time ago... I can't really do any better than the mighty Popjustice on the matter*.

"She does a very good job of looking as if she's having the time of her life but if you catch her just right there's a glint in her eyes which clearly says 'someone will hang for this'."

Well. Quite. But we loved the diamente studded wellies we saw in the papers when she was at Glasto. Rock on, gel.

I've just got back from my own Gran's, where I spent the weekend. She is over eighty and still rocking quite hard, in her own 'unique' way. I felt like a goose being force fed stuff to turn its liver into foix gras, only with fresh fruit and veg. I mean really.

* Yes. That's right. I'm still not really writing my own blog posts.

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