Friday, August 24, 2007

A brief insight into the mind of Boz

So when I was a kid*, I once saw one of those really cool Peanut animations.

Well I thought they were cool, simply because you didn't see much else like them on TV. The had LENGTH. And slightly surreal humour. And DRAMA***. Possibly one of the few examples of cartoons for children where the main protagonist has a clear sense of existential depression. I think I had the one where they went to summer camp on VHS for ages****.

Anyway, I saw one once where they all had to do a book report as homework. The cross-pacific culture divide meant I don't think I fully understood what a book report was, but I got the general gist of it being a Hard Thing To Do.

This being a Peanuts animation, all of the characters spontaenously broke into a multi-part song about writing a book report while they each worked on it at home, in their own way. There was even - EVEN - a sort of montage-type thing happening where they each occupied a different fifth of the screen at the same time.

Very good, very good.

So there they were, each writing or typing away, pencil in mouth while they thought, singing merrily along while doing they're own work.

This, my friends, is how I picture the internet.

Are you singing along?

In othr news: I haven't been to the gym for weeks and weeks and weeks. Hooray?

* Smaller, less hair**, pale skin, probably collecting Garbage Pail Kid cards.
** Ker-razy.
*** Me and my sister had a Lucy/Linus thing going on, based mostly on her being more like Lucy.
**** IE it's still in a box somewhere in someone's loft, steadfastedly refusing to be 'sorted out'.

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