Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's 360° appraisal time! WHOOOO!!

Constructive feedback forms are sprinkled across the office. A quiet mood of introspection falls. Boz idly hears the following interchange...

Colleague Three: "If you had to give me three constructive pieces of criticism what would they be?"

Colleague Four: "What?"

Colleague Three: "If you had to pick out three negative things to say about me at work – what would they be?"

Colleague Four: "I.. I don’t have anything negative to say about you."

Colleague Three: "But if you had to."

Colleague Four: "Can’t think of anything."

Colleague Three: "Nothing?!"

Colleague Four: "Nothing."

Colleague Three: "Nothing at all?"

Colleague Four: "No, nothing."

Colleague Three: "Oh come on, we’ve worked together for six years there must be something. The way I manage upwards, my communication technique, giving praise..."

Colleague Four: "Erm... I honestly can’t... really..."

Colleague Three: "Oh come on!! The hounds of hell are at the door, Lucifer has risen, humanity's salvation depends on your thought-provoking feedback to Hell's HR team, only moments before the wave of boiling lava and torment washes over the world and casts us into an eternal oblivion of pain and performance management..."

Colleague Four: "I really hate the way you curl the loops of your letter Ys around."

Colleague Three: "Fuck off, Julia."

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LaLa said...


Staff appraisals.

Make me itchy.

Welcome back sweetcheeks.