Saturday, October 20, 2007

Things wot of Saturday daytime stuff

Farrrr too much wine, beer and spirits* last night - topped off with a baked potato to take the edge off the hangover - have meant I have not done very much today. In a blind panic I went shopping in Clapham.

The Grauniad has gone a 'things to make and do' on our asses. First it was stickers. Posters. Now models!

Amazing. It can only be a matter of time before thirteen year olds high on Sunny D** are swapping G2 sections in the playground. I'll give you my Guardian Society section for your film and music supplement...

AMAZING! I have a week off. I shall mostly be playing the new Zelda game on my DS. Wheee!

HASN'T GEOFFREY TWO GROWWWWN??? I've come up short in the old TLC department of late. Hence...

I might try and get a new plant for the flat on my week off too. No doubt I'll be blogging about inane and pointless stuff too WHICH WILL BE FUN WON"T IT.

Currently I am typing this post listening to dance remixes of james Bond theme tunes. This is what the world has come to.***

THAT IS ALL. Am off to the pub soon.


**UPDATE. Blogger was evil and lost the pictures that went with this post,. Making it surreal but unintresting. They should be back now (hand: model's own).**

* WhhhhOOOooooo!
** I am so five minutes ago.
*** Makes me feel sad for the rest.


LaLa said...

Pictures? No? Yes?

Boz said...

Look. Pictures. "Ooo".

LaLa said...

ohmygods. Geoffrey HAS grown!

I would like to take him to visit his cousins on my uncle's avocado farm in Queensland.

You can come too if you like.

Boz said...

YEY! Can I!? I would so love to go to an avocado farm. In many ways I realise this might make me sound like an odd person, but I love quirky stuff like that. Have I ever visited one? No - so why the hell not!