Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Very much here and with a tan (oooooo)

HELLO! He bellows, in the manner of a long-lost intrepid aunty. It's been a while, hasn't it?

But I am here and I am alive. I've just come back from a week of utter bliss; beach, bed and sea-bound fun. It was wonderful. I love a bit of adventurous traveling, but I do also love a bit of slobbing out by the beach. Amazing.

And well-timed too - work was getting mighty stressful. Still a relaxing break is nice. There was only one moment today when I looked across the office and considered feeding my own hair into the shredder. HEY HO.

To kick things off, here's a beatiful short film I saw on Channel 4's four minute wonder thing several years ago. It stuck and I've only just thought to look the thing up on You Tube.

Hurrah! Enjoy. It's ace.

The first time I looked I had real trouble finding it, eventaully tracking down the creator to some production company with a flash but unfriendly website. It seems to have gained a bit of popularity since then.

Such a wonderful mix of anime and 50s children's bookm illustrations. Sort of Lucienne Day meeting Tim Burton over a pre-dinner cocktail. And ooooo look I've just found this one from ages ago Aardman. Go on, see if you can name the plays as they come. I can only do most of the really obvious ones.

Worried today by the news that Keira Knightly is playing Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire in a film version of her life. Keira's alright n'all, but the character in question is one of my cultural and social heroes. And therefore NOT TO BE MESSED WITH. Find out how utterly mad as fish she and the rest of the Bon Ton were by reading this jolly good book. Insane levels of gambling. Not a patch on Tessa Jowell.

And YAY! Charlie Brooker is back for another glorious rommp of series of Screenwipe. Brilliant. I can't work out if I fancy him or his brain or both. Disturbing. So while you deliberate in mild horror, here's a good bit from a previous series: The 10 Biggest Cocks in Advertising.

Talking of telly about telly (pause, breath, comprehension), I'm still really enjoying Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Sexy telly people making sexy telly YEAHHHH!!! Someone should do a British version. Behind the scenes of say, This Morning... except it would just be a bunch of people standing outside on fag breaks probably.

No. It's never gonna happen.

FINALLY. Spotted this on the Grauniad website today:

Aw bless....


LaLa said...

Bless. I have missed you.

Betty said...

Oh, the big boss where my other half works is a friend of the Duchess Of Devonshire. The upper classes: mad as hatters, the lot of 'em (well, apart from the Royal Family, who all just seem to be very boring indeed).

Boz said...

Lala - awww. Thanks. I'm sure I don't deserve such attention.

Betty - They do though, don't they? The Royal Family have literally nothing of interest to say. The poor dears.

james henry said...

I love that Russian animation, ta.

Doris said...

A belated welcome back Boz - only just spotted your return!