Friday, November 09, 2007

I've been Chavved by Steve Jobs

I've just downloaded the newest version of iChoons.


My puny PhotoShop skillz aside - HELLO!?? RINGTONES? What next - "cute" trading cards? Is Apple slowly turning iTunes into some kind of second Facebook?

Humph. I'm not happy. I can't imagine Penelope Keith or Emily Blunt or Alain de Botton downloading RINGTONES, so there's an end to it. Begone, Jobs. I love you, but BEGONE I say.

Talking of which, Arsebook looks quite cool. My my. I am getting curmudgeonly in my old age.


LaLa said...

half the people I am "friends" with on Facebook I should actually be linked to on arsebook. There is a reason we lost touch.

I've got a bitch abut ITunes to, I bought ONE song the other night at the cost of $1.69 and have been charged $1.69 and then a seperate charge of $1.00, what is that all about? The amount is too small to query but if they do this to 10,000 people....

bebopboy said...

Keith, Blunt and de Bottom are indeed unlikely to be friends of the Crazy Frog. So with you on the chavness factor. Jobs, what have you done?!

This guy sums it up nicely:

Boz said...

LALA - looking at BeBopBoy's link - did you accidentally buy a song as a ringtone...?