Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Further Advents: 11 December (vital blogging tools)

So children, what's behind our Further Advent door on day eleven? What treasure, treat or triumph have we to feast upon today?

Why, it's Our Lady Betty of the Utility Room!

Specifically her blogger's guide to the perfect blog post. I really must take on board some of the advice she has been proffered by her commenters (Commenters? Commentators? Comment-leavers?). Specifically from this one, Tom.

Largely because Betty 'bigged-up' this blog in the comments and sent people this way. I am going through a phase of being a blog-traffic whore. I will literally do anything you ask of me.

(Has sinking feeling of a big mistake looming fast on the horizon).

Although, Frankly, if you've arrived here from The Legendary Utility Room - then what a f*cking let down. How could one possibly compete?

Blog on!

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