Monday, December 17, 2007

Further Advents: 17 December (things and stuff)

Right. Freeness ahoy.

The band Maps are amazing. Even more amazing is the timely free cover version of East 17's Stay Another Day. Dreary - but deliberately so, no? Like a drunk, who's lost a bet...* For all you Yuletidephobes out there in t'internet land.

Looky here! New trailers for the new Batman film. Ooooo.

I was sent this a few weeks ago by a mate. IT'S AMAZING:

"Fashion is something that can be acquired.. by looking at a lot of different fashions"

"I choose an orange lipstick, and wore my hair very simply. Ostrich feathers, anyone..? This is what I call originality in design..."

I know, I know, It's wrong to mock the past. Foreign countries, doing things differently etc etc.** But seriously give it a watch. S'brilliant. Jaw-droppingly brilliant. And just in time to give you some re-decoration tips for the festive period. Brenda's still around too.

I see Will Smith is doing well. I have to take the credit. The filming of that interupted my shopping in New York for all of 45 minutes. Tsk.

Finally, and randomly, free pictures from the Tube archives. Kewl.

* Mini Moviewang fo you there.

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