Thursday, December 20, 2007

Further Advents: 20 December ("sorbets that smell of uncles")

I done promised LaLa that this post would be a touch more UP TEMPO and FUN! (Exclamation mark: author's own).

Well for kick-off let's have the angel on top of everyone's tree, Nancy Banks-Smith on some Christmas food telly. The woman has lost none of her magic. Wit, vim and good typing whirl out from under her ever-ready fingertips:

"Their antlers were like a leafless forest against the great, golden skies."
"Give Rob Brydon a second helping of gruel, poor mite, before the rickets set in."

Then we'll have a dash of Geoff with some mildly perilous festive music, along the theme of high driving. The result being a Wham, one expects. (ker-chuckle).

Then we'll have EVEN MORE music suggestions from the brilliant Delrico Bandito.

Then take three ounces of Doris and her tips on festive decorations for historic homes. Along with possibly a fire blanket, to taste.

Not enough? What is it you're wanting? A side dish of choirs or something? Or Something?

Whistle on.

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