Sunday, December 02, 2007

Further Advents: 4 December (powering-up Christmas)

Computer games.

Yes, I like books. Yup, and telly and films. Even art'n'stuff too.

But computer games, from Mario to Sonic to Doom to Zelda to Kirby to Lemmings. I LOVE 'EM. And there is a generation of people my age who secretly bond over such things. I spent five minutes at a party on saturday trying to make the noise that happened if you played my Commodore Vic 20 tapes in the hifi.* And remembering when you had to blow on your Gameboy Cartridge to make it work. That isn't the euphemism it sounds like.

So peoples. How do YOU like your Mario theme music?

Full orchestra?
In church?
Beatboxing flute?
In metric and imperial measures?

For me, it has to be the full-on, blow out, performance art choral number:

It's just how I shake my snowglobe.

Power-up on!

* Damn but I'm cool. And who has a HiFi anymore?


Boz said...

This post is clearly supposed to be above the next one up. I dunno what happened there...

Damascus said...

I can do a great impression of a Spectrum cassette loading.


Boz said...

Very good!