Saturday, December 01, 2007

Further Advents: Launch Day!

Now, I haven't stolen this idea or title from anywhere. Honest.

I must be insane, having seen first hand what blogging every day for a month can do to a blogger. But I'm keeping it simple, see...


Every day in the run up to Christmas I will be bringing you, dear blog readers, little windows on the internet. Open these windows (or "blog posts" as the kids are calling them) and discover a bit of something wonderful, delightful, amusing and witty**.

These posts may comprise:

- Good blog posts on other blogs
- Photos (probably of me being silly***)
- Bits of YouTube silliness
- Things Christmas-related
- Sparkly stuff

Basically, I'm keeping the field as open as possible.

SO HOW WE KICKING THIS MADNESS OFF? WHAT AMAZINGNESS IS BEHIND THE WINDOW ON DAY ONE? Well, you'd think I'll pull something a bit spectacular out of the bag for the launch, wouldn't you? Oh yes. Drumroll please...

TWO CATS TALKING IN MEOWS. Amazing. What? More?? You want MORE? Okay then. Have a gander at this post from Popjustice, outlining the recent career progression of Leona 'it's just amazing to be here' Lewis. Honestly. It's hilarious.

Right. Advent on!

* AKA terms of endearment
** We can but hope, friends
*** AKA drunk. i wake this morning with a sore head and a collection of the worst ever photos of my workmates. At one point last night I found myself at the bar ordering two gin and slimline tonics, one vodka and diet coke, two vodka lime and sodas, one latte with a brandy on the side and a tia maria. How can I be so sure of the exact order? Because I woke up this morning with the order written on my hand:


LaLa said...

Ick. I am hungover so just thinking about your drinks order makes me feel wibbly.

Betty said...

Oh, I was thinking of doing something like this, but I was scared to face the possibility of having twenty five posts with zero comments on them! Best of luck, anyway.

Boz said...

Lala - Amen, sister. Pray for my liver.

Betty - I would saw off my left leg to have as many comments on a post as ANY of yours. As it is, I'm happy to risk a lack of comments. January may be a little quiet...