Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

There is always a brilliant quote of day on display at Clapham North tube station - enough for a whole separate blog, in fact. Hooray for whoever takes the time and effort to do them. It's just a small bit of interesting niceness in an otherwise gloomy and bedarkened world.

If you click on the picture it makes it a bit bigger and easier to read. I took this last night, on my way out to an amazing NYE party hosted by my bezzie mate in Norf London. We sat in the same tube carriage as a Ghostbuster, which was exciting.

And they've started piping classicial music into tube stations now, preseumably so we don't see the red mist every time there's a signal failire and assault the nearest member of LU staff. Weird. But nice. Handclaps all round.

Here's to 08 - s'gonna be great!

Now can everyone be very quiet please. I have one of my heads on.


james henry said...


(lemsips are very good for hangovers btw)

Old Cheeser said...

Happy New One, Boz! Sorry I didn't comment on any of your many advert posts. I was impressed - must have been a labour of love.

Doris said...

Happy New Year, Boz! (Did I leave it long enough to not hurt your head?)

Boz said...

This is the kind of solid advice that is going to get us to 2009. Amazing!

Boz said...

Doris - yes; it's all better in my head now. No more leaping Rhinos in DMs stomping around. S'nice.

Cheeser - well it's a busy time of year for everyone. It's not surprising. I would havee liked all the posts to be better, but then I wanted a life as well. :-)