Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nnnrrrrrrr!!! Interweb! I curse thee unto doom.

I have fallen seriously out of love with the internet.

I am have the attention span of a mayfly and am easily distracted by shiny things [waves glitter wand ANGRILY at the screen]. Work is busy buzzy bumble bee lately, so I've had to bring some home to do at the weekend.

That's fine, as it goes. Doesn't happen very often - more a result of my AWOL organisation skills ('mcgills') than anything else.

But of course I've procrastinated and farted about on a biblical scale. If it's not 'Ooooo Facebook', it's random shizz on Wikipedia or BBC News Online. And now iPlayer! I mean, seriously, it's like the world is wilfully ganging up to distract me.
Internets! You are a fleeting floozy temptress!

So I'm being about as productive at my keyboard as, well...

Still. It's spurred me into writing a blog post, which can be no bad thing*. But I am almost quite worried about my attention span. There's too much going on inside my noggin. I can't concentrate on books. I'm only checking the same five websites at the moment as well. I need to open up my t'internetting horizons. Any suggestions..?

Pffffffffft. Meh.

Um. I think part of blogging is to show some link love and move people on to other parts of the internet. Um. I've not really done that, have I. Um. This looks quite interesting:

Also I am slightly loving Anna Pickard's Kevin McCloud game. There you go.

* Don't say it.


Mogul said...
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Globus said...

globus thinks a blog is much like facebook - a vessel for the ego.

globus suggests you use t'interweb to make some moolah - flog some old shit on ebay, it helps keep you busy/amused/aggravated.

Merr said...
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Boz said...

Honestly. You write a post dissing the internet and spam comment posts descend from the ether.

Welcome Globus! And thank you for being the one out of three genuine commenter. Er.