Monday, February 11, 2008

Stalking can get you so far

Well. January was a big old pile of wombat turd, wasn't it? Here's hoping February is better. Although as we're halfway through now, we should really have some kind of idea.

I have a date next week. Next week. I'm actually quite excited about this and therefore certain it will end in doom and tears. for now I am just pretending I am not mentally ticking off a list of things like hair, clothes, venue in my head and giggling in a slightly inane fasion like A BIG GAY.

(I can say this because I am a MEDIUM SIZED GAY).

Seriously. It's going to go horribly, horribly wrong. Probably because I don't have enough witty banter* talk to keep up the almost daily stream of messages back and forth, yet now having arranged A Date it would feel a bit strange to just stop. Argh.

And I'm tired. Sooooo tired. Hence the lack of much of interest in this post, even. It's all a bit 'meh'. Which is very boring for blogging.

So here is a picture from Saturday night instead.

* Regular readers of this blog will gather that witty banter is not much on offer. You coming knocking for witty banter - can't help you. Cupboard is bare, like. Basically it's caustic sniping or nothing. Soz.


Betty said...

Oh, enough with the self deprecation. I'm sure you have enough witty banter. Besides, dates tend to involve two people who are nervous about how they come across to the other person, don't they?

Doris said...

Drink! The more you drink the more witty and urbane you will become, and they more attractive they will become. Win-win!

Boz said...

You are both wise, wise ladies.

But Betty, if I don;t self-deprecate, who will do it for me!? Snigger.

Doris - You are right. Drink solves most socially awkward situations. Right up until the moment your brain thinks 'I wonder if I should have said that about his outfit' and you trip over your own feet.