Monday, March 24, 2008

I could not be more proud

I have avoided reading Google Anal-itics* for a bit, mainly because it's a bit like a computer saying "AHHHHH!! YOU'RE RUBBISH!" using a lot of facts and figures, which makes me a bit glum.

But this post by Annie made me have a quick squiz. To my utter delight, I find that someone found my blog by entering the search term 'batmonkeys' into Google. This is marvellous. Also as pleasing was whoever turned up via 'Action shopping' - which sounds rather fun. Doesn't the host nation get to add one sport to the Olympics? Action Shopping should be it!

"Shirley Heston from Neston lines up with her fellow competitors outside the entrance down here in Bluewater. You can really feel the tension, isn't that right Gary?"

"Yes indeed Sue. Just look at the way Anya Peterov, the Russian favourite, is lining up her wheely shopper and Visa card, she's got one of the fastest chip and pin times in the world. There were raised eyebrows when this event was announced, but these really are outstanding athletes. It's difficult to appreciate the literal months of preparation for this event. The last time Anya and Shirley faced each other was at the Commonwealth Hundred Metre Supermarket Sweep..."

"That's right Gary. I think we all remember the huge battle from these titans in the Ikea self-assembly semi-finals..."

...Anyway. Where was I?

My pleasure was dimmed a bit a few moments later, when I saw someone also came(* and **) by looking for "Robbie Williams Feel". Ugh. And Ugh again. Tainted!

But I also saw that quite a few visitors*** arrived by looking up Moviewang. One short hunt on the t'internets later, I discover a lot of foreign language sites with this in, but not much in the English language. I have a something! A thing that's mine! That I can use! Rapture! What possibilties!

The team of highly trained graphic designers are working on a logo as we speak, and the crazy kids in marketing are talking branding, but in the meantime, as competitions are all the rage this easter, here's a little Monday night puzzle. Name this film, pleeeeease. Winner gets a free Woot-Woot:

"All right, I'll count to eight, and if you haven't smiled, I'll strangle you."

Hmmm. That's a bit tight of me as it's so short. Here's another:

"I don't know if I'm unhappy because I'm not free, or if I'm not free because I'm unhappy."

No cheatin'! But I warn you, dear reader, I may have gone a touch arty-farty on you....

* "Ahahahahahahahah" ahem.

** not like that.

*** Literally a few. Can you hear the violins yet??

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