Friday, March 21, 2008

It's official: 1945 is now funny

I've already mentioned this reallly good parody of WWTBAM (I'm not linking to anything for that out of protest).

It seems there's a bit of trend going for sketches set in 1940s wartime Britain:

Take ten points, M&W.

Well hectic, A&M.

This one's a bit older but still v good:
And so are this and this.
And Harry Enfield was on this bandwagon a long time ago too.

If we're were being serious and beardy we'd obviously discuss the fine line between and comedy and tragedy* and the long historical tradition of wartime humour and examples blitz spirit across the globe (my grandparents stood on Westminster Bridge and watched bombs rain down on the city. We complain about bendy buses.).

But although I can tick the beard box*** I'm not going to go down that road, for me it's all about the taking the mick out of the great British institutons like the Beeb. Even the A&M sketch is made funny by the clipped received pronounciation accents discussing wicked trousers 'and shit'. As most of these sketches are on from Aunty anyway, it's a bit TV eating itself, n'est pas?

I suppose also it reminds me of my Grandfather, who had an incredibly gentle and wry sense of humour. And an understandable value for peace and contentment. I can hear his slightly guilty chuckle about some slightly saucy WWII anecdote as if he was still here.

He isn't. He's definitely dead. They played the theme from the Damn Busters as his coffin was carried out of the church. He wasn't really religious - I think he would have approved.

So. Do I have a point? Not really. Blast. Er. Carry on, good people of the Blogosphere.

* Eeek! I used to more about this, having done a tragedy course at University** taught by a white-bearded lecturer who ate Werther's Originals loudly during student presentations.
** As in a course. Not the accommodation situation in the second year.
*** So to speak.


julaberry said...

Brilliant. Reminds me of sitting around watching the Two Ronnies and whatnot with my Grandparents who even though they have never set foot on English soil are English through and through.

They even have a picture of the Queen on the wall.

Boz said...

I have a picture of A Queen. Does this count?

Yes - it has to be said it reminds me of my grandparents too.