Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A republic glint in my eye

I'm sorry, what? What??

Are they actually kidding me? What reality are the authors of this report living in?

Answer: a very enclosed, sealed-off and blinkered reality based in certain parts of Westminster, it seems.

Can we not just swear at the Queen, as normal? Why do we have to swear allegiance to anything at all? And if we do, surely it should be something we can all really get behind, like the X Factor or Song for Europe...


Geoff said...

"The peer has also hinted at updating the national anthem by removing verses which are rarely performed."

In other words, keep it short so that it will be easier for Wayne Rooney to learn the words.

Leaving school is a joyous occasion. Why put the dampeners on things?

Boz said...

It brings back joyful memories of my father striding through my Uni graduation ceremony as everyone got up to sing the national anthem and loudly declaring 'We're not singing. We're anti-monarchy."

Oli said...

I pledge my everlasting allegiance to the powerless nominal figurehead, for lo she was born both rich and posh and is therefore better than me. Amen.