Thursday, May 01, 2008

And they didn't come back, obviously

Recently, people have found this blog using the following search terms:

brian sewell toilet or lavatory
The mind boggles...

cheat answers from 360 appraisals
Naughty HR-ers won't find anything here.

compile big tits
Er. I don't have any of this kind of compilations.

gym padlock available london
A bizarre lonely-hearts entry.

"peow peow"
I'm sorry?

saucy ww2 cartoons
No but I wish there were..

they are terribly hangery
They are, you know.

zap kaboom
See also SHAZANG.

Welcome all. Please wipe your feet. Don't mind Geoffrey - he's going through one of his growth spurts.


Oli said...

I believe 'peow peow' may be the sound of a cowboy's gun, as rendered by a five-year-old.

Boz said...

I was thinking more Moonraker laser...

Hedgie said...

heh heh - Google is just so fantastically entertaining!

LaLa said...

Geoffrey, the avocado plant? It's been ever so long since we have seen him!

Boz said...

Hedgie - it certainly appeals to my inner-statistician.

Lala - it has! I've just repotted him too. I'll have to see what I can do...