Monday, May 12, 2008

Frolicking off (I will get to the European trip at some point)

Today was one of those amazing days when you wake up quite early, but completely naturally, and spend minutes wriggling your toes and happily wondering what to do. I gave myself an extra day off before returning to work, it was sunny, and the world* was MINE ALL MINE.

So, I thought to myself, what can I do?

Boz's brain: "........"

It is days like this that make me think I really, really have to create and keep constantly at my side a big notepad with the words 'THINGS TO DO ON A DAY OFF' writ large on the cover. How is it possible to feel guilty about not doing all the things you cannot remember you wanted to do in the first place??

On leaping** out of bed, the first bit of the morning was taken care of for me by the discovery that at some point in the night the bottle of coke we had with our takeaway last night*** had expanded in the fridge, causing a pot of yoghurt to explode everywhere and actually cracking cleanly in two the glass shelf it was on****. Nnng.

Still. Mess tidied away, breakfast sorted, it was still only 10am. Hooray!

Having caught an exhibition of his at Flowers East back in 2006, I toddled myself over to Flowers Central to see the current Edward Burtynsky exhibition. It was in the basement (humph) and didn't have that many pictures (humph again), but was still brilliant. I could spend hours gazing at each picture, which typically feature vast-scale manufacturing or industrial projects transforming the natural landscape. Read interesting words about the photographs here and here.

V good so far. What next? Well I did a bit of wandering, going through the park and stopping for a bit of a sit down and a read of my current book. Which was nice.

Then off a-wandering hither and thither and via the South Bank over to Fopp, where purloined for myself the most excellent Vampire Weekend album. I think I like them because they sound like they should be scoring a Wes Anderson film. Always a good thing in my world.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the album:

It is on my not-at-all-cleaned-for-the-occasion coffee table. Coincidentally, bloggers, I first heard about over here. So there you are. Power of Web 2.oh etc etc.

THEN, I went over the road to Magma (not the book one, the shiny clever-clever pretty things one) where I bought this pretty thing:

I shall be planting seeds and seeing what comes up*****. Going through a bit of a green-fingered stage at the moment. And as lovely Lala-slash-JulaBerry has just asked, here is a picture of Geoffrey:

The AA battery is for size comparison. ISN'T HE DOING WELL. I have just repotted him and he has not died. Hooray!

THEN, I pootled around a bit more and made my way back home (via another another park and some sun-bathing) to do more productive but less interesting things like washing.

A GOOD DAY. So yah boo sucks to all those who say we need plans down to the last ruthless detail. Although I've probably not made it sound the most scintillating ever here. It was just so cool to be out and about in the city, roaming free and poking my schnozz into whatever shops I fancied, rather than going on a big mission for something in particular. I'm all about the bimbling.

Yes. I had my camera with me.

* Okay, London mostly.
** Not leaping.
*** Ahem. Okay but look I'm still technically on holiday.
**** Do I glue? Is it safe to glue a glass fridge shelf back together??
***** Said the Bishop to the actress...


LaLa said...

Geoffrey is looking fine! I am sure he will bear (bare?) some lovely avo's soon. Now... is it me, or do you think he needs an even bigger pot?

I really want a matchstick garden, I am filled with the lust for it.

On another note, I would go to the hardware to ask about the shelf. I am thinking there is a glass sealant you could use. OR... contact the fridge manufacturer and ask if you can buy a replacement shelf.

Annie said...

Isn't it great having a day off when everyone else is working? This sounds more or less exactly what I would do if I had a day off in the sunshine, even down to the book. Spooky!

Boz said...

Lala - you are wise about fridge shelves. The stupid thing is I also have to ask the manufacturer of our oven about a new thick glass bulb to protect the light in it; it got chucked in some water and shattered. We're a bit cack-handed in our kitchen. Which would explain some of my cooking. Mother assures me that plants sometimes thrive on a bit of a struggle, so I'm going to see how Geoffers gets on in his new home for a bit I think. I love him so. Squeeeee. Ahem.

Annie - It is SOOOO delicious knowing other people are sitting in stifling offices. I couldn't believe the weather stayed nice. And and and - oh joy - it means I only have a four day week. Tra la laa.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Phew! My Geoffrey lives outside and has the same crusty lower leaves - I thought it was because he's too cold outside (he's too big to bring in now), but as yours lives indoors, I can rest easy that it's just a Geoffreyism.

Boz said...

Welcome Inexplicable Device. I'm told the crusty bottom leaves are just a natural tree thing. The old ones die as new ones grow. But I am definitely no kind of expert. It has to be said that the crusty ones on my Geoffers are to be found on the runty second head...

james henry said...

My new recommendation: Lykke Li.

Boz said...

Mr Henry - Oh hooooooo. Am scuttling off to check this out on the world wide intermawebs NOW.