Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things to make and do on a sunny afternoon

Step one. Find old plastic soup container.

Carve whole in bottom, avoiding cutting off fingers.

Steal stones from other plant pots (shhhh).

Fill with com-pom-post.

Remove Natasha Bedingfield from the radio.

Find the thingummies you bought a while back.

Plant 'em. Water 'em.

Wait for magic to happen.


bebopboy said...

Loving the Waitrose product placement. They should send you free soup for a year for this kind of coverage!

Boz said...

We should be so lucky, Bebopboy...

Hedgie said...

Is that Geoffrey on the left?

(I'm not a stalker, honest!)

Boz said...

That is indeed Geoffrey on the left. He has developed a rather strange lean towards the sun and has sprouted a new branch heading off at 90 degrees. I'd feel a bit heartless turning him away from the sun to correct this, however. We need a flat with bigger windows...