Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This here internet thing...

...really has the capacity to waste our time with the most delightful frivolity, no?

Check out Typeflash for some hours of utterly unproductive but delicious fun.

And also, from over at the designy-graphicy-arty home of We Made This you can find Fontstruct.

Which you will spend hours playing with and making your own fonts. Ho-yes. Because how could you not?

Do you begin to see why I have not blogged in a while??


I *promise* that European stuff is on its way and it'll be interesting. All I'm saying for now is; Segways.


Hedgie said...

Absolutely awesome!

Boz said...

I know. Brilliant. As my flatmate put it: "That's what the web should be about. Pointless but beautiful diversions." I agree.