Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adventures with Funbus (and Neil Young)

Step one: Procure a friend with a FunBus.
Step two: Summer.
Step three: Add friends but only the vaguest sense of actual direction.
Step four: Rediscover that bits of Kent* are actually quite nice.
Step five: Ignore rain at any festivals you attend.


To be honest, Neil Young was an amazing performer but didn't really do it for me. But Supergrass were ace. And I am now a truly British person for I have stayed at a proper British campsite. It was good. I was expecting it to be all Carry On and seedy, but it was great.

Well. Up until the owner started talking about how various bits of Kent* had been ruined by the invasion of "The Foreigners".

Oh dear.

* "The county that sounds most like..."


Betty said...

Hey, you should've gone to Reculver, or Deal, or Appledore ... er, maybe next time.

Geoff said...

We always used to go to Broadstairs when I was young. There's a bit where the sea drenches you.

I am pretty Kentish.

Boz said...

Betty - I think I've been to Appledore as a sulky teenager. I remember junk shops and second hand bookshops.. which were ace fun. Not that I could let on to my parents I was having fun, but...

Geoff - My father is also a total Kentian. And I still regularly visit my grandmother in ... no this is sounding far too much like a strange euphemism.