Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The all-important questions of the day (apologies in advance to the tourist board)

Sometimes my job throws up some interesting questions. We get requests flying across the intermawebs from journalists, poor hapless souls, looking for answers to life's dilemmas and insolvable problems.

Falling distinctly into this latter category, selected inboxes all over the country had the following plaintive plea from a certain business publication today:

1. What are the benefits for you/your firm/staff/customers/suppliers of
being based in Crawley?

2. What are your concerns about Crawley from a business point of view?

3. How do you see Crawley developing as a business hub?

I do pity the poor chap working on this article. I really do. Polishing turds is difficult.

My answers (MEANESS ALERT) as follows:

1. Few and diminishing.
2. It’s a hole.
3. Very much dependent on the rest of the UK being wiped out by nuclear fallout.

Poor Crawley. But really. Anyone got betters ones? In the comments, please...


Geoff said...

It's not too far from Gatwick and the lovely National Trust park, Wakehurst Place.

And it's full of happy spiders.

Tim Footman said...

Robert Smith out of The Cure comes from it.

And it has a moderately amusing name, provided you're not too freaked out by spiders and that.

Vicus Scurra said...

Living or working there is better than being forced to write about it.

Boz said...

Geoff: Can we verify the happiness of the spiders? I have not been to Wakehurst, so no doubt I am viciously slandering the 'hood.

Tim: But the crucial detail is that Mr Smith left. Although who knows - maybe he still hangs round the shopping centre.

Vicus: You may be right. I do definitely pity this particular journalist. Nawww...