Saturday, August 02, 2008

Everyone loves a good protest

Saddling up the high horse and touching up the war paint as I type.*

12 Point Michael has reminded me about the most worthy campaign to stop pointless age ranges being branded onto books.

I mean honestly. Next you'll be saying we have books for blond people and books for male people. How utterly pointless. Books are for everyone. They might resonate with people, they might not. You pick a book up and start reading, if you hate it, you stop. A book is a collection of experiences and thoughts and feelings and a thing of magnificence. when I was younger I read books made with people my age in mind, and I read books written for adults. I enjoyed both. I certainly learnt more. And the idea my parents would take a book away from me is anathema**. How can you form a balanced world view if you haven't had other points of view and perspectives? How can you widen your horizons?

It's all a bit patronising, isn't it?

No one is going to stop me reading Harry Potter, so what right do I have to stop a fourteen year old reading a supposedly 'grown up' book.

Anyway. Rant off...

* Sorry, but Manscara is surely the name of a sci-fi villainous overlord. Guy Liner is an estate agent in Milton Keynes.
** Tellingly they recommended Armisted Maupin, who I used to faithfully reread almost every summer.


bebopboy said...

If only someone would stop you reading Harry Potter dear boy.

Boz said...

Well they sort of have, by not publishing any more. But you're just complaining because you have to live with it, FLATMATE DEAREST, and our uber-cool friends might find out. Oh, wait..